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Small/Mid-size Semiconductor Equipment Markets and Strategies Report 2021

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DUBLIN, June 1, 2021  The “Niche Markets and Strategies for Small/Mid-size Semiconductor Equipment Companies” report from The Information Network has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

These high-tech applications segmented include Wafer Level Processing (WLP), 3-D TSV, Non-volatile Memory Devices MRAM, RRAM and FeRAM, Ultrathin Wafers, MEMs, HB-LEDs, Compound Semiconductor Equipment, Thin Film Read/Write Heads for HDD, and SAW Vs. BAW filters. Each of these applications is analyzed and forecast.

The report is segmented into three chapters. In Chapter 2 we identify high-tech applications that are fabricated on 300mm wafers. This is the realm of the large equipment manufacturers, and so the focus of the chapter is on how a small or mid-sized company can compete – namely in the area of niche processing capabilities from a technology point of view.

In Chapter 3 we discuss high-tech applications that are built on non- 300mm wafers. These should be the focal point of a small and mid-size company because often the large companies will address applications on 300mm wafers and ignore niche applications where the size of the market does not represent a need for the semiconductor manufacturer to invest in a 300mm fab or utilize a foundry for small runs. In-house manufacturing is performed on 150mm and 200mm wafer sizes.

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