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PracticeTracker Now Equipped for NY Workers’ Comp CMS 1500 Electronic Claim Submissions in XML

PracticeTracker TM with the New York Workers Compensation Board making CMS 1500 XML claim submissions mandatory from July 1

By PR Newswire

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J., Jan. 20, 2021 — Tranquilmoney, one of the top 10 medical practice management companies of 2020, has announced the addition of NY Workers’ Compensation specific billing features in its practice management software, PracticeTracker TM.

With the New York Workers Compensation Board making CMS 1500 XML claim submissions mandatory from July 1, the features will be a huge asset for Tranquilmoney’s clients. Using PracticeTracker TM, CMS 1500 claims can be directly submitted to the NY WC Board in XML format, making the electronic claim submission process way easier than it is now.

Healthcare providers will find it very rewarding to move from paper to electronic submissions. XML submissions prevent all kinds of legibility errors, thus significantly reducing claim rejections and increasing accuracy. Moreover, XML submissions are faster and save around 7 to 10 days. As the Board provides an instant electronic acknowledgement for XML submissions, it proves helpful in the event of a dispute. Using the updated version of PracticeTrackerTM for Workers Comp claim submissions will speed up the process even more.

Dr. Karun Philip, the CEO and Chairman of Tranquilmoney, says, “The company is committed to making the NY Workers Compensation claim submission process easier and more efficient for healthcare providers. The addition of new features to PracticeTrackerTM underlines that commitment. Clients can either use our claim submission services or use PracticeTrackerTM to manage it themselves.”This was conveyed to Prittle Prattle News through a Press Release.

Along with WC Claim Submission Services, Tranquilmoney is a strong service provider for end-to-end billing management.

Press Contact:

Thomas Hayden

Vice President – Global Sales

Phone: 212.494.0383 Ext 141

About Tranquilmoney, Inc.

Tranquilmoney, Inc. has been a leading healthcare solutions provider in the US since 2001. Their leading-edge technology and proven total quality management systems have established their leadership in receivables management solutions for Physicians, Medical Groups and Retail Pharmacies. Tranquilmoney has contributed to increasing physicians’ income while considerably reducing claim rejections and administrative overheads with practice management solutions like PracticeTrackerTM, EHR and Medical Billing services. The company is headquartered in South Orange, New Jersey, with offices in California and Chennai, India.

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