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Parascript Releases the Best-Ever-Yet Signature Verification with SignatureXpert.AI®

SignatureXpert.AI® provides signature verification for unprecedented accuracy. It enables signature authentication in applications including check processing, loan origination, voting by mail, petitions and countless other uses where it is crucial to detect signature fraud.

LONGMONT, Colo., Feb. 22, 2022 — Parascript, which has been delivering high-performing automation for over 25 years and processing more than 100 billion documents annually, released today a new product called SignatureXpert.AI that builds upon over 10 years of experience within banking and government applications. As a result, it provides the highest signature verification accuracy available in the industry.

Automatic signature location and verification are executed by a powerful combination of verifiers using multiple fundamentally different algorithms, the core of which is based on the most innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods and approaches in image analysis and pattern recognition. These combined techniques allow it to raise verification rate and accuracy higher than what can be consistently achieved by human reviewers.

“Parascript has, for years, been the trusted provider of highly-reliable signature analysis and with this new product, there really is no reason organizations worldwide shouldn’t employ automation for any process involving signatures. We now have a solution even for hard-to-automate processes involving lossy data such as what is commonly found in low resolution images from government agency records and data from government-issued IDs.” said Greg Council, VP of Marketing & Product Management at Parascript.

The new release of SignatureXpert.AI automatically locates and verifies signatures on a broader range of documents resulting in significant improvements in overall performance including:

40% increase in performance in signature verification for data collected from a signature pad. 20% increase in performance for vote-by-mail applications, which often use lower resolution images from DMV records. Over 50% reduction in existing costs of handling rejects.

Here are a few highlights:

SignatureXpert.AI automatically locates and verifies signatures on a broader range of documents

The product is now optimized to recognize fragments on any document having one or multiple signatures on them. The document snippet may have machine printed or handwritten data besides the actual signatures.

SignatureXpert.AI automatically locates a signature on an input document, verifies it against authentic signature image(s) provided as a reference, and returns a verification result. The following document types are added:

One- or multi-signature snippet. Snippet with additional handwritten fields such as date and address.

SignatureXpert.AI is fully integrated in and with FormXtra.AI 8.3.

SignatureXpert.AI is the next generation product based on the most innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods and approaches in image analysis and pattern recognition and builds upon over 15 years of signature location and verification experience. All of this results in truly transformational, better-than-human precision automation for a variety of signature verification tasks.

SignatureXpert.AI is able to successfully work with documents having a broader range of resolution (96dpi-300dpi)
SignatureXpert.AI demonstrates tolerance and reliability when locating and verifying signatures on images having low quality and/or small font, such as ID cards. The software automatically detects the quality of the image to optimize required image preprocessing.
All these capabilities make SignatureXpert.AI able to process a broader range of documents, providing better image quality for a variety of applications.

About Parascript

Parascript sells not just software, we sell actual, verifiable results that save companies over $1B annually. Customers choose Parascript when they want to use applied AI to achieve an optimized data capture solution with the highest levels of reliable automation. Parascript has over three decades of experience applying AI to solve complex problems, automating document-oriented processes that involve over 100 billion documents each year. We have automated the postal industry, commercial mailrooms, government elections, payments, and hundreds of other processes. Visit Parascript.

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