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Mako Networks Joins Restaurant Technology Network

CHICAGO, March 7, 2022 — Mako Networks has become a member of the Restaurant Technology Network (RTN), the association that sets security standards for the restaurant industry.

RTN members shape regulations and share technical guidance to help restaurants innovate smarter and faster. Nearly 200 restaurant brands and 77 suppliers and affiliates comprise the network’s community in a collaborative collective that spurs solutions and inspires bold ideas for the future.

Mako Networks works closely with industry security groups such as Conexxus and the RTN to gain better understanding of how best to incorporate its highly secure network management capabilities in specific verticals. Mako’s end-to-end technology, white-glove service model and seamless support capabilities, once aligned with the standards and requirements of a vertical use case, provide streamlined but highly effective solutions.

Mako delivers efficiently at scale because the Mako cloud management platform’s design concept, which places a premium on multisite environments, is specifically engineered to address the needs of distributed enterprises like multi-location restaurants. Mako’s layered security model also allows for discrete segmenting of access rights by role, creating a unique value proposition for locations where multiple vendors and users need access, but tightly defined and enforced access controls need to be in place.

QSRs also benefit by leveraging Mako’s PCI DSS certification, which is uniquely extensible to the benefit of the end customer and dramatically simplifies creation and maintenance of secure environments that meet the requirements of PCI standards. For restaurants, where credit card payments are essential, Mako’s PCI certification and PCI compliance tools are key components that help deliver an end-to-end compliance solution that remains intact even in the fast-moving, evolving day-to-day environments found in most QSRs.

As an RTN Platinum Member, Mako participates in workgroups, town hall meetings, Hospitality Technology (HT) events and other initiatives, including those affiliated with the annual MURTEC Conference. For the past 27 years, MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference) has united restaurant and supplier technology forces. This year the event is being held from March 7-9 in Las Vegas.

“We see RTN as a golden opportunity to further Mako’s efforts in the QSR space, to build connections and network with customers, meet prospects and network with others in the market,” said Mako Networks President Simon Gamble. As a Vendor Advisory Council Seat member, Gamble will attend quarterly meetings with the RTN Board of Governors and provide insights from his extensive experience in retail network security.

“RTN is a hub for restaurants, suppliers and partners and a thriving community where members engage in cybersecurity webinars, work groups and other networking events. It’s a great resource for the industry and one I look forward to continuing to participate in.”
Restaurants are traditionally early adopters of technology and cybersecurity measures and RTN initiatives reflect this. Ghost kitchens, drone delivery and virtual brands are modern food service industry developments that are on the menu for the network’s thought leaders to explore. According to MURTEC Keynote Speaker and Business Mogul Jon Taffer, “The future of food is not chefs, it’s technology.”

Key features and benefits of the Mako System for QSRs include:

  • Role-based cloud management for balancing brand control with franchisee freedom
  • SD-WAN failover with onboard dual-SIM cellular and seamless connectivity options
  • End-to-end PCI certification that is extensible to merchants and cloud management tools that make it easier to satisfy PCI DSS obligations
  • PCI-certified Wi-Fi networks with advanced guest analytics and available 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 access points

About Restaurant Technology Network

Founded in 2018, the Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) is a membership community solely dedicated to the restaurant technology industry. RTN aspires to help restaurant professionals and technology solution providers work together to solve problems large and small and inspire bold ideas for the future. The community is designed to shape industry standards and share technical guidance to help restaurateurs run successful businesses and better serve their customers.

About Mako Networks

Mako Networks provides simple, secure, PCI-certified networks for distributed enterprises. Operating internationally from offices in the United Kingdom, US, Australia and New Zealand, Mako integrates centralized cloud management and reporting, true SD-WAN, secure Wi-Fi, HA Fast Failover, Mako VPN Cloud, next-generation firewalls and end-to-end PCI DSS certification in one, easy-to-manage system. For more information, visit

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