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Huawei will Unveil FTTR Brand-new Networking Solutions for Home & SME at MWC 2022

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 28, 2022 — Huawei will attend the 2022 MWC held in Spain from February 28 to March 3 and release the fiber-based Wi-Fi networking solution – FTTR (Fiber To The Room) gigabit all-optical room solution, and discuss with industry partners on how to resolve the current network bottlenecks of home and enterprises and how to provide better connection experience for users.

Since the breakout of COVID-19, digitalization and intelligence have developed rapidly. People require smoother communication, more convenient life, and more efficient work. On the one hand, homes have gradually transformed from entertainment centers to diversified production centers. New services such as online education, live broadcast, 8K HD movies, immersive entertainment (VR/cloud games), and smart-home are rapidly emerging.

On the other hand, digital transformation and cloudification of small and micro enterprises have become a trend. High-bandwidth and low-latency applications, such as video conferencing and cloud desktop, are becoming popular. These new services pose higher requirements on network latency, bandwidth, and jitter, bringing greater challenges to home and enterprise networks.

However, home users and SMEs are still facing problems caused by poor network experience. According to statistics, 60% of broadband faults are caused by poor Wi-Fi experience. The Wi-Fi coverage ratio of more than half of home users reaches only 55%. Some users say that the Wi-Fi rate near an access point is 500Mbps, but gradually decreases to less than 20 Mbps from the living room to other rooms. According to a survey, the current network problems are mainly caused by the following four aspects:

The rate cannot reach gigabit. Due to the outdated networking cable, the bandwidth can reach only 100Mbps. Seamless roaming cannot be implemented. There are multiple indoor Wi-Fi points. Traditional networking does not support intelligent switching between devices or the switching time is longer than 200ms. As a result, services are frequently interrupted when users move around. Multi-user concurrency is not supported. If more than 100 network devices access the Internet at the same time, they will go offline frequently. Whole-home coverage is not supported. Because fibers are usually routed to ELV boxes or living rooms, Wi-Fi performance deteriorates greatly after wall penetration. As a result, some rooms have no network coverage.

Huawei’s FTTR gigabit all-optical room solution is an innovative solution for home and enterprise networking. Different from traditional networking solutions, this solution extends fibers to every room, leading the newest optical network revolution. Fibers are recognized as the fastest transmission media in the industry. With four advantages, fiber has become a “dark horse” in the communications industry. Fast speed: Fibers are recognized as the fastest transmission media in the industry and can achieve 10Gbps or even 100Gbps transmission capability. Fibers deployed in the entire home can be upgraded to 10Gbps in the future, without the need of re-cabling. Low cost: The fiber industry is mature and the market is stable. The average price of fibers is 50% lower than that of network cables, reducing the reconstruction cost. Easy reconstruction: The size of fibers is about 15% of that of normal network cables. Fibers are thin and easy to be routed through pipes. Environment-friendly: Sand (silicon dioxide) is used as raw material, which is more environment-friendly and sustainable.

In addition to the main exhibition area, Huawei will also build a gigabit Wi-Fi experience center consisting of two exhibition points: FTTR-Home for home scenarios and FTTR-SME for enterprise scenarios. Online service scenarios, such as cloud VR, remote conferencing, IPTV, and 8K HD videos, will be set up to enable users to experience smooth gigabit Wi-Fi networks onsite.
Huawei’s FTTR gigabit all-optical room solution has set off a boom in China. Chinese operators released FTTR services and launched packages in 65 provinces and cities in China last year. Up to now, the number of FTTR users in China has exceeded 150,000. In addition, 20 operators outside China have started pilot projects. About the unique features of Huawei’s FTTR gigabit all-optical room solution and the extraordinary Internet surfing experience to bring to people, February 28, 2022 MWC will give the answer.

Image Courtesy Huawei

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