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Changzhou National High-Tech Zone to build 70 new production and service facilities this year

Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (CND) is located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta.


CHANGZHOU, China, March 8, 2021 Changzhou National High-Tech Zone held the groundbreaking ceremony for Phase II of Intersurgical Medical Device (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.’s plant. The ceremony is the first of similar events for zone’s 70 planned production facilities, the construction of which is scheduled to start in 2021. The 70 projects represent a total investment of US$8.9 billion, of which, US$3.3 billion is expected to be made this year. The projects include 47 manufacturing facilities with a total investment of US$4.6 billion, of which US$1.6 billion is earmarked for 2021. Emerging and specialized sectors account for more than 80% of what will be produced at the new facilities. The projects are comprised of 17 at the municipal level, 51 at the district level and 2 categorized as key in supporting the transportation infrastructure. Sectors covered by the new projects include smart energy, new materials, electric vehicles, core auto parts, new medicines and medical devices, and next-generation information technology, as well as modern service sectors providing science and innovation platforms. The facilities are aimed at improving the ecological environment, enhancing industrial capacity and improving people’s livelihoods.


The event was held on the grounds where the Phase II project of Intersurgical Medical Device’s plant will be built. Officials from ten sub-districts gave short presentations on the number, value and structure of the investment projects in their respective jurisdictions.

Intersurgical Medical Device (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intersurgical, the largest manufacturer of respiratory and anesthesia medical devices in Europe. In 2014, the company invested in its Phase I project in the Life and Health Industrial Park of Changzhou National High-Tech Zone. The Phase II project has a total investment of UKP 36 million (approx. US$49 million), and a projected annual production capacity of 110 million units of medical equipment such as respiratory therapy devices, respiratory filtration devices and anesthesia masks, as well as 100 sets of trimming molds.

About Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (CND)

Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (CND) is located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta. There are more than 1,600 foreign-invested companies in CND. Related link:

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