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Bill Boas is recognized by Continental Who’s Who

ABIQUIU, N.M., March 11, 2022 — Bill Boas is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Lifetime Achiever in the Communications Infrastructure field and in acknowledgment of his work at Essential Community Communications Infrastructure.

Bill Boas developed expertise in supercomputers, broadband, 5G, and Wifi networks for enterprise sites and community sites throughout his 25 years as a Technology Executive.

He attended Clifton College, where he earned his A-Levels in Physics and Chemistry in 1959. He attended Aston University from 1965-1968, earning a BSc. E.E. in Computers and Communications, and became an IEEE Life Member. Mr. Boas next completed an MBA Program at McGill University in 1971. He later returned to school, completing a Management Program in 2005 at the University of California, Los Angeles.

At his first job, Mr. Boas was the Regional Sales Manager at Ultra Network Technologies from 1987-1992. He Co-Founded Essential Communications in 1992, and remained the President and CEO until 1997. He took on a Co-Ownership of Abba Technologies from 1996-2002, followed by a role as a Computer Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Continuing to grow his business portfolio, Mr. Boas Co-Founded OpenFabrics Alliance in 2004 in California, and became the VP of Business Development at System Fabric Works in Texas in 2006. As the Shareholder, Chairman, and VP of Business Development, Mr. Boas developed expertise throughout his 12 years at System Fabric Works, and began working as an Advisor for Industry and Partner Outreach at the University of Texas – Center for Electromechanics and Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics for two years in Austin, TX. Here he collaborated in building a campus-wide outdoor laboratory and completing research for the Center of Excellence for Urban Autonomy Infrastructure. Mr. Boas additionally served in the Royal Navy for six years.

Today, Mr. Boas is the Founder and CEO of Essential Community Communications Infrastructure LLC, based in Abiquiu, New Mexico. He addresses the evolving capabilities of community communications, adding infrastructure to provide faster internet service and higher bandwidth. This has a sizeable impact on community information, streaming, cultural activities, online learning, and more. Mr. Boas provides software for homes, offices, or other sites, and works with schools, fire, and EMS to bring their technology to the 21st century.

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