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Aicte launched two programs 2022: Higher modules for national initiative for technical teachers training (NITTT) and students learning assessment (PARAKH) program

New Delhi, January 8, 2022 : With an aim to create a large pool of trained technical teachers, the All India Council for Technological Education (AICTE) announced that it was expanding the ambit of National Initiative for Technical Teachers Training (NITTT) by making it accessible to teachers with more than five years of service.

The AICTE also announced the launch of portal of Students Learning Assessment (PARAKH) program based on joint recommendations made by National Project Implementation Unit (NPIU) and STANFORD University’s study. The portal will conduct assessments of students and faculty members of HEIs and schools.

The portal has more than 1,45,000 assessment items incorporating multiple disciplines towards improving the overall competence of students and graduates to include core disciplines, aptitude, emerging areas, and higher order thinking skills. As a part of the pilot programme, more than 80,000 students registered with 55,000 completing the assessment. In addition, 1,200 faculty members have also taken the assessment.

As a part of the new revamped NITTT, teachers will now have to serve industrial training and a semester-based mentorship as a part of the training exercise. Earlier, the NITTT was accessible to teachers having less than five years of service and was launched for promoting quality of technical education in the country.

Both the programs were launched by Shri K. Sanjay Murthy, Secretary, MOE, Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, AICTE Chairman, Prof. M.P. Poonia, AICTE Vice-Chairman, and Prof. Rajive Kumar, Member Secretary, AICTE.

On the occasion Shri K. Sanjay Murthy, Secretary, Higher Education, MOE, said: “I must laud and appreciate the AICTE for launching two wonderful initiatives for teachers and students. It shows that a lot of thinking has gone into these programs and I think the students and the faculties will appreciate the benefits of undergoing these courses. We are in a virtual mode due to the pandemic and we have to ensure that students don’t feel missing live classrooms.”

Around 47,015 teachers have benefitted from the program so far from NITTT
Teachers now must undergo 6 modules out of the 12 higher modules for NITTT
Portal for PARAKH offers more than 1,45,000 multiple choice questions
Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, AICTE Chairman said: “We are extremely delighted to launch two new initiatives that would benefit both the students and the teachers at large. We are the midst of the launching the NEP that lays lot of stress on training the teachers and lot of processes that are involved in the education sector. Teaching is a lifelong learning and NITTT will help teachers of today to become tomorrow’s faculty heads. Students should also come forward to take the tests through PARAKH for overall development and growth.”
Prof. M.P. Poonia, AICTE Vice-Chairman said: “PARAKH and NITTT are two important initiatives that we have taken up to drive vigorously. PARAKH helps students to identify a continuous assessment will help them to come out better when they pass out from their institutes and serve the country better. We are also doing this to help students enhance critical thinking and fill gaps in high order skills. On NITTT, the program has been designed as per the teacher’s training policy. It is the first structured teacher’s training programme across the globe.”
Prof Rajive Kumar, Member Secretary, AICTE, said: “We are extremely delighted to share that many faculty members have registered for NITTT and made of them have cleared all these eight modules. As a part of the second initiative PARAKH, Stanford University was given a project to find the learning gaps that our students face and they have executed it on a pilot basis with 50 institutes. On the basis of the recommendations submitted by Stanford University, AICTE has now created a portal for our PARAKH programme that would benefit the students.”

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