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Wuxi: let the hearts of young talents stay


Wuxi has been advocating culture and education since ancient times.

On March 27, the Public Selection for outstanding young talents in Wuxi, which lasted for six months, came to the final competition. Although less than 1/30 of the contestants get selected, the organizers embraced more with the greatest enthusiasm with the rest of contestants, according to the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government. Wuxi: let the hearts of young talents stay

This year, more than 10,000 qualified young talents participated in the competition. Through the preliminary assessment, nearly 1,000 people came to the Wuxi for the final competition, and only 270 people eventually became “selected talents”. But even if it is not selected, after the evaluation, the local organizer invited 88 Wuxi-owned enterprises, institutions, and leading enterprises to provide 1,359 positions, which are generally well paid.

The epidemic prevention and isolation point also set up a test center for participants returning from overseas and still in the isolation period having a fair chance to compete. In addition, young talents who cannot come to the scene can also run for suitable positions through online channels.

In 2020, 87.5% of selected talents graduated of masters, and doctoral students, and 92.1% graduated from international prestigious universities and China’s “Double First-Class” University Project such as Oxford and Tsinghua University.

It has been advocating culture and education since ancient times. Talents will be intensively cultivated in their careers in Wuxi. More importantly, the locals will create a sense of belonging like home for young talents from all over the world.

Wuxi is known as the one of the three major cherry blossom viewing spots in the world. Now is the most beautiful season in Wuxi. It is also the best time for the talents and their future in Wuxi.

“Let the hearts of talents stay in Wuxi,” a related person from the Organization said.

2022 Public Selection will start in the second half of 2021.

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