Outdoorsy rolls into the accommodations space with investment and vision for creating bespoke campground properties with Collective Retreats

Outdoorsy rolls into the accommodations space with investment and vision for creating bespoke campground properties with Collective Retreats

Outdoorsy, the most-trusted, global online RV rental and outdoor travel marketplace, announced today it’s expanding its outdoor experiences portfolio by partnering with outdoor luxury accommodations operator Collective Retreats.

Outdoorsy: The partnership will transform the rapidly growing outdoor hospitality market by developing new accommodations and outdoor services.
Outdoorsy has also made an investment in Collective Retreats as part of their Series C capital round.

Outdoorsy and Collective Retreats will work jointly to build a suite of offerings designed to cater to road travelers and guests looking for an elevated outdoor accommodation experience. With nature as the next great travel frontier, Outdoorsy and Collective Retreats aim to be the category pioneer and leader, setting the bar for what best-in-class outdoor travel and accomodations look like.

“Outdoorsy has experienced strong growth in the past year, and we believe the world’s passion surrounding camping and outdoor travel is increasing even more as we enter the 2021 travel season and the reopening of the economy,” said Outdoorsy’s co-founder and CEO Jeff Cavins.

“One of the biggest barriers for RV travelers has always been the looming question of where to stay or camp at night,” Cavins said. “Keep in mind that, for the majority of people renting an RV or camper, this is their first time not staying in a hotel while on vacation, so that is the mindset they’re in. Travelers are seeking a bridge between camping somewhere convenient and camping somewhere they can anticipate a high level of quality, consistency and care. They’ll drive the extra mile if it means sleeping in comfort, and through our vision for new hybrid campground offerings with Collective Retreats, we are answering that question of ‘Where do I camp?'”

Outdoorsy has also made an investment in Collective Retreats as part of their Series C capital round to help lock in the vision of a world where antiquated RV park accommodations and empty parking lots are a memory of the past, and where hitting the road doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the creature comforts of home and delightful amenities.

The partnership will kick off on June 15 with the first elevated camping experience offered to Outdoorsy travelers staying at a Collective Retreats’ property on Governors Island, New York. Outdoorsy renters looking for a once in a lifetime NYC experience will start with a secure parking location for their RV near the Statue of Liberty. Guests will then be picked up by the retreat’s water taxi and given a private tour of the major sights in New York City’s harbor as they head to the retreat. Once at Collective Governors Island, they will have access to all of the elevated food and beverage offerings and wellness experiences, before sleeping in a luxury safari-styled accommodation with spectacular views of New York City and the Statue of Liberty. Outdoorsy customers will also have the option to receive complimentary light housekeeping and turn down service for their vehicle while they are on retreat and upon their departure can also purchase “epicurean to-go meals” prepared by Collective’s culinary teams. Similar experiences will be introduced at Collective Vail and Collective Hill Country later in the summer.

In looking to the future, Outdoorsy and Collective Retreats will build out additional accommodation offerings around the country. The first of these new experiences, expected to launch later this year, is a new concept accommodation that will allow Outdoorsy users to stay overnight in their recreational vehicle in exclusive areas of existing Collective Retreats locations while enjoying all of the luxurious amenities offered at each location. This new concept will offer a seamless outdoor extension to the guest’s recreational vehicle with a private climate controlled bathroom with a spa shower, covered terrace area and soaking tub. Guests will also gain access to Collective Retreats’ luxury amenities, public spaces and guest programming such as farm to table tasting menus at its open-air restaurants, cocktail bars, live music and health and wellness programs.

In 2022, Collective Retreats and Outdoorsy plan to launch a transformative new brand of outdoor hospitality locations exclusively designed for RV travelers. The new brand will elevate the traditional RV experience by offering many of the hospitality services found at Collective Retreats’ full-service luxury retreats. The launch of the new brand portfolio will allow Outdoorsy’s customers to easily plan multi-stop journeys to some of the nation’s most popular and scenic locations while staying at Collective Retreats luxury retreats and its new portfolio of locations. Collective Retreats has acquired three new properties in Vermont’s Green Mountains, California’s Sonoma County and Aspen, Colorado, and plans to open 25 full service retreats in the next four years.

“We know that Outdoorsy and Collective Retreats’ guests have a very strong desire to maximize their time and experiences in the outdoors. Following the COVID pandemic and a year of isolation, now more than ever people are clamoring for a new type of travel where traditional hotel rooms and lobbies are swapped for fresh air, trees, and clear blue skies,” said Collective Retreats CEO and Founder Peter Mack. “Our goal is to introduce new destinations and products to our loyal customers that offer an elevated way for them to connect with people, nature, and  themselves.”

“With this new influx of travelers rediscovering the beauty of the American Road Trip, the traditional RV campground model is in need of a transformation to bring it into the twenty-first century, and we’re looking forward to unveiling these makeovers one campground at a time with a renowned player in the bespoke experiential hospitality space,” Cavins said. “These new accommodation makeovers will unveil a world where disconnecting in nature is synonymous with experiencing memorable moments that bring you a sense of effortless calm and comfort.”

The first Outdoorsy x Collective Retreats experience can be booked on June 15 at Details about the other experiences in the new suite of offerings will be forthcoming.

About Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is the most trusted on-demand RV rental and outdoor travel marketplace on the planet. Founded in 2015, we have offices worldwide in the U.S., Canada, Australia, France and the UK. Our mission is to mobilize the 54+ million idle RVs around the world to ensure everyone has the access, choice, and opportunity to safely enjoy outdoor experiences and empower RV owners to realize life-changing financial benefits.

About Collective Retreats

Collective Retreats is an experiential outdoor travel company redefining traditional hotels through a collection of unique luxury retreats in unexpected places. Each retreat embraces the local landscape and culture of a destination, allowing guests to connect with the land, community and with themselves through unique on-site activities, exceptional dining and personal hospitality. By breaking away from the traditional mold of a luxury hotel, Collective Retreats is opening up a whole new world of exploration where a transformative five-star luxury experience coexists with authentic ruggedness. Founded by CEO Peter Mack (Starwood, Tough Mudder), Collective Retreats is currently operating in Vail, Colorado; Hill Country, Texas and Governors Island, NY.

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