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For the first time ever, Indian Nutraceutical Brand Brings Pro Show to India; winners get direct entry to prestigious Mr Olympia

Athletes who compete at a pro level have exceeded the parameters of excellence that the sport demands

A pro show is being held in India- and by an Indian brand- for the first time ever in the history of Indian bodybuilding. Steadfast Nutrition, the country’s fastest-growing sports nutrition brand, has sponsored the championship in collaboration with the Sheru Classic. Four winners will get a ticket to Mr Olympia, the world’s ultimate bodybuilding championship.

Steadfast Nutrition founder Mr Aman Puri says he brought the big-ticket event to India to provide Indian athletes with opportunities to further their competitive careers and make bodybuilding a lucrative career option.

“The goal of most bodybuilding athletes is to compete at Mr Olympia. Bodybuilding is becoming popular in India but is not a lucrative career option. By holding a pro show in India, we wanted to give Indian bodybuilders an opportunity to get a direct entry to Mr Olympia, which can otherwise be an arduous process. Winners will get a greater chance of winning sponsorships and endorsements, which will popularise bodybuilding in the country, make it a legitimate and mainstream sport, enable athletes to earn good money, and give them global recognition,” Aman Puri said.

Only athletes who win pro shows are eligible to compete in Mr Olympia- the most prestigious tournament any bodybuilder can aspire to win. Pro shows also enable amateur bodybuilding athletes to enter the professional circuit. Only pro or professional athletes are eligible to compete for prize money.

To participate in Mr Olympia, an athlete either has to win an IFBB Pro League Olympia Qualifier (like the one held in India) or accumulate points by participating in various pro shows. The former method is shorter, as winners get a direct entry, making the Steadfast Nutrition pro show an exciting and sought-after event for bodybuilding athletes. India’s most competitive bodybuilding athletes will face off in four categories- the Men’s Physique, Men’s Classic Physique, Women’s Bikini, and the 212 Division.

The pro show is being organised under the aegis of the International Federation of Bodybuilding (which oversees bodybuilding events the world over) and the National Physique Committee (NPC)- the International Amateur branch of the National Physique Committee Of The USA.

Steadfast, which has revolutionised the sports nutrition industry since its inception in 2017, has collaborated with organisers of the Sheru Classic- a top-rated bodybuilding show for amateur athletes.

Athletes who compete at a pro level have exceeded the parameters of excellence that the sport demands. They have leaner and more chiselled and toned physiques. Hence, the Steadfast pro show promises to be a nail-biter, with the best Indian and international athletes vying for the top spots.

The Pro Show is at Asia’s biggest health, sports and fitness festival- the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival 2022. India’s best names in the bodybuilding are participating in the event- more than 1000 Indian and international athletes will vie for the winner’s trophy at the pro show and two other championships sponsored by Steadfast at the IHFF- the Amateur Olympia and the Sheru Classic Model Hunt.

At the Amateur Olympia, the participants aim to win a “pro card”, the dream of every amateur bodybuilder since it enables them to compete in the professional circuit. Twenty-four pro card winners will be declared at the Amateur Olympia.

The process to participate in the Steadfast Nutrition pro show in association with Sheru Classic is simple. Any athlete above 18 years of age and a pro card winner in the said four categories has to inform the organisers, who would inform the IFBB Pro League, USA and pay the required fees.
Mr Olympia will be held in Las Vegas, USA from December 15-18.
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