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Christmas celebration in India, here are the top 8 places to visit

Christmas in India is a powerful event, especially in these zones.

by Prittle Prattle Team
Best Places to See in India For A Grand Christmas Celebration

It’s that period in India when everyone is getting organized for the most joyous event of the year to help them get via the winter blues. The Christmas trees decorating malls, the massive deals on products in stores, the sound of ringing bobbles all about, and the lovely fragrance of plum cakes and confections coming from bakeries are all encouraging us to make this holiday season even more joyful. Let’s have a peek at some of the top places to visit in India during the this season to create your holiday season even cheerier!


Nobody likes a Christmas festival at the wisest places to stay in Goa in December, with nightlong parties on beaches, pleasant chats and cocktails in bars and pubs, cathedrals decorated with lights and flowers, and midnight meetings in neighbourhoods with little kids singing musical carols… And if isn’t your thing, we ensure you won’t be dissatisfied if you pay it in Goa!


Acknowledge again if you think there aren’t any excellent spots to visit in the North-East during the holidays. Shillong in Meghalaya, which has a sizeable Catholic people, observes Christmas with as much blaze and spirit as any other city in India, making it one of India’s most amazing getaways.

Christmas in Shillong, which depends more paradisiacal and is excellent in December, presents many fun and thrilling activities during the festive season.


With beautiful weather in December, calm beaches to relax on, and an unending number of magnificently illustrated gothic churches and cathedrals to relieve the eyes, there will never be a lack of when you’re in Pondicherry. A holiday to Pondicherry during the holidays is essential. There’s a minor error about how Pondicherry is anchored on the list of the best locations to observe Christmas in India, with crunchy cookies, present exchanges, trees, and an overload of events for tourists around this time.


Suppose you want to see brightly lit trees on the sidewalks. In that case, stores and markets decorated out in Christmas lights and assets, and the delightful fragrance of fruit cakes and date rolls floating through the air this Christmas, head to Mumbai, one of India’s top destinations. Christmas in Mumbai is one of the most amazing places to visit for Christmas in India, with lights, smiles, and melody all around.


Why not wait for Santa to give your gifts this year in the City of Joy? Whether Catholic or not, Kolkata people celebrate the birth of Christ with the same passion as those in the South, earning it one of the best destinations to visit in India during the season.


Not a big fan of the beach? Would you instead spend on the icy slopes of Himachal Pradesh? Himachal Pradesh is the most excellent destination to visit in India during the Christmas season! So why not plan a fairy-tale Christmas in Manali, where you can play in the snow, go skiing and snowboarding, visit elegant cafés, decorate Christmas trees, and sit by the fireplace in your cozy little hut sipping hot chocolate.


When it comes to the most incredible destinations to visit in India during the Christmas season, Chennai comes highly recommended. Apart from carols and mass at the city’s many churches, several hotels offer special buffet feasts, nightclubs host nightlong parties, and the Phoenix Market City mall hosts thrilling activities, among other holiday delights.

Sikkim – A Picture-Perfect Christmas

At an elevation of 5,410 feet, Sikkim is a picture-perfect paradise that will undoubtedly add to the joy and excitement of this festive season. This state, famed for its unbelievably clean, breathtaking surroundings and beautiful sunset and sunrise views, is perfect for a Christmas holiday in India. Sikkim, one of the most popular destinations for hikers and mountain enthusiasts, transforms into a winter wonderland once the snowfall begins, making it one of India’s most unique winter destinations.

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