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World Sparrow Day 2022

Its history, significance, and how you can assist the twitters

The population of house sparrows in India and worldwide has been declining. What was once a common sight in every neighborhood has become impossible to find in many places. On March 20th, World Sparrow Day is held to promote awareness and conserve house sparrows.

In 2010, the inaugural World Sparrow Day was born. It was founded by India’s Nature Forever Society and France’s Eco-Sys Action Foundation. The plan was to dedicate a day to the house sparrow to raise awareness about its plight.

The Nature Forever Society has also created a website to spread the word about World Sparrow Day. This website has an extensive collection of photographs and information on various sparrow species worldwide.

The goal of World Sparrow Day is not only to commemorate the occasion for a single day but also to utilize it as a platform to highlight the importance of sparrow conservation and urban biodiversity.
On that topic, here are a few methods you can assist sparrows and help them repopulate:
Provide a bowl of water and seeds for the birds.
The birds can also take a bath in a freshwater basin to cool off from the heat.
Plant trees and promote greenery to make it more appealing for sparrows to establish nests.

The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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