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Universal Sompo announces discount on annual premium on World Organ Donation Day 2022

Universal Sompo General Insurance Company’s complete healthcare plan covers medical expenses incurred for an organ donor’s treatment for the harvesting of the organ donated.

Mumbai, 12th August 2022: To raise awareness about organ donation, Universal Sompo General Insurance Company has announced a 2.5% reduction on the yearly premium for its Complete Healthcare Plan. Furthermore, for policyholders who have subscribed to the plan, the insurer would pay all medical expenses for an organ donor’s treatment for harvesting of the organ donated up to the sum assured in the policy.

World Organ Donation Day is observed on August 13th. Universal Sompo General Insurance Company’s actions aim to raise awareness and eradicate any stigma associated with the process of organ donation. Many people throughout the world are concerned about the procedure of organ donation, and many are ignorant of the significant impact it may have on people’s lives.

On the announcement, Mr. Sharad Mathur, Managing Director and CEO at Universal Sompo General Insurance said, “One person can save up to eight lives of those suffering from chronic illness by pledging to donate their heart, kidney, pancreas, lungs, liver, intestines, hands, face, tissues, bone marrow, and stem cells. All thanks to the development in science and technology, in today’s time a person’s non-functional organ(s) can be replaced by a healthy organ that has been donated either by a loved one OR organ donor.

Organ donation is possible for people of all ages. If a donor is under the age of 18, they must acquire consent from their parents or legal guardians before registering as an organ donor.

Almost all insurers cover organ donation expenditures in their health insurance policies, especially since organ transplants are becoming more prevalent in the country. The number of donors is limited, and the high expense of therapy is an impediment.

Universal Sompo strongly believes in supporting this societal cause of organ donation. They have hence announced discount on their annual premiums of their flagship product – complete healthcare plan to incentivise potential customers.

This discount can be availed by all their customers expressing their interest in organ donation at the time of buying the policy. This discount will be extended till the lifelong renewability of this policy.

The Company has tied-up with MOHAN Foundation, an NGO that has been promoting Organ donation since last 25 years.

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