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Rushil’s world-class, automated, made-in-India products MDF plant will improve regional climate

Automated, intelligent, integrated, and innovative plant represents a strong commitment to steward resources well and contribute to a better future for the local communities, the nation, and the planet

Rushil Décor (NSE: RUSHIL), a global leader in smarter living solutions, has expanded its global operations with the establishment of a first-of-its-kind, world-class, state-of-the-art, agroforestry-based, sustainable, environment-friendly future boards (medium density fiberboard or MDF) manufacturing plant in Achutapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The technologically advanced facility, powered by smart manufacturing and fully-automated robotic production, is strategically positioned near raw material source agroforestry-plantations, providing sustainable livelihood, decreasing transportation impact, and lowering emissions.

The investment in the fully integrated factory is substantial, totaling more than Rs.500 crores.

The investment demonstrates Rushil Décor’s long-term strategy of increasing indigenous manufacturing capacity and operating efficiency, expanding the range of value-added products, and enhancing its commitment to business and environmental sustainability.

“Rushil Décor’s automated, intelligent, integrated, and innovative plant represents a drive to steward resources well and contribute to a better future for the local communities, the nation, and the planet. Strategically located to deliver faster deliveries to global markets, RDL’s world-class, make-in-India plant will further boost the nation’s existing capacity to produce MDF, reduce costly imports, and save the country’s foreign exchange reserves – shaping a better planet.”

Krupesh G Thakkar, CMD, Rushil Décor Ltd, India, says

This automated plant with an annual full capacity of about 2,40,000 CBM is amongst the largest, most sophisticated, safest and smartest manufacturing plants in the world entailing substantial investment in the industry of engineered fiberboards.

With the help of this plant RDL has the potential to generate a revenue of Rs. 1000 crore topline in MDF segment on full capacity utilization.

According to industry insights, growing consumer awareness and a wide range of application is driving increased adoption and consumption of MDF in India, as the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15%-20% from an estimated Rs. 3,000 crore in 2021 to Rs. 6,000 crore by 2026.

India is a significant player of MDF, being used as a leading interior infrastructure materials.

Discerning consumers and modern offices who look for responsible products that reduces carbon footprint, rapid urbanization, rebound in realty and rising nuclear families will boost MDF growth.

Driving this growth will be Indian work from home (WFH) furniture market which is expected to be US$ 3.49 billion by FY2026.
About 60% of the consumption of MDF is for commercial use, though the residential segment is gaining momentum. Compared to 70 % market share in developed nations, MDF has just 30% market share in India reflecting high potential for MDF.
MDF is an engineered product made of wood fibers bonded under high pressure using thermosetting resins and wax, forming beautiful panels by applying high temperature and pressure, for strength.
Many MDF qualities make it an ideal replacement for wood, plywood and particle boards.

About Rushil Décor:

Founded in 1993, Rushil Décor Ltd. (NSE: RUSHIL), a globally leading company in modern interior infrastructure, and eco-friendly, composite wood panels is committed to shaping a better planet.
Leveraging modern technology, inspiring designs, next-generation innovations, and a people-first, purposeful approach, RUSHIL is passionate about setting new industry standards and superior experiences, ensuring high productivity.
The company has five state-of-the-art manufacturing plants with an annual capacity of 3,30,000 CBM MDF and 3.49 million Laminates, which caters to its customers in 47 countries across the world.
With a strong network of branches, distributors, thousands of dealers, and a rich talent pool of experts, RUSHIL is focused on redefining the future of wood.
What makes RUSHIL special is its unmatched quality, design, customer centricity, value-led DIY green engineered products from agroforestry, and a wide range of high-performance surface engineering solutions.
Driven by automated plants, world-class German technologies and global standards, RUSHIL relentlessly creates smarter spaces.
RUSHIL’s product portfolio includes VIR Laminates, VIR MDF boards, VIR MAXPR0 (HDFWR) boards / VIR Pre-laminated Decorative MDF / HDFWR boards, VIR PVC and VIR WPC boards / doors.
Optimal supply chain efficiencies, utilization of resources, and strategic local plantations offer cost advantage in raw material sourcing, and manufacturing excellence, enabling high output to cover global market demand.
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