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Osho Ashram, Pune into demanded Probe

Osho disciples demand immediate investigation and audit of all Trusts of Pune Osho Ashram by a Central Government Agency. Disciples seek Minister Athawale’s intervention to stop the sale of any part of the Pune ashram

A large gathering of Osho disciples and members of Osho Friends Foundation, a public trust which preserves and spreads the teachings of Osho, submitted an appeal to Hon’ble Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment, Shri Ramdas Athawale.

The appeal is to institute an urgent Inquiry Commission to audit all trusts of Osho Ashram, Pune and to take steps to stop the sale of Ashram property worth over 1000 Crores.

Swami Prem Geet (Yogesh Thakkar) of Osho Friends Foundation has made relentless efforts to block the sale of any parts of the Ashram.

He along with Swami Anadi Rawal, a long-time disciple of Osho, have also filed objections to the sale in the Office of the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra in Mumbai.

“We are seeking to protect the legacy of Osho for all the generations to come. Our appeal is made against the backdrop of Osho Ashram assets being siphoned out of India by the current trustees. Further accusations of money laundering and a forged Will has also been registered against them. We urge the Hon’ble Minister to set up a full-fledged Commission of Inquiry into the operations and finances of all trusts of the Osho Ashram in Pune and Mumbai.”

Swami Prem Geet, who led the delegation said,

The delegation contends that Osho’s legacy is being systematically damaged and funds transferred overseas.

The letter presented to the Minister states that the intellectual properties and also valuable articles of Osho have been smuggled out of India by the present trustees led by one Mukesh Sarda.

Proceeds from Osho’s books, discourses, websites along with cash collected at the Ashram without receipts are being siphoned into private companies of the trustees.

The letter further says that a court case against the management cites INR 1800 Crore as missing or transferred to private entities.

“Hon’ble Minister Athawale has accepted our appeal and we are optimistic that his intervention will bring justice to the Osho Community and the society at large. A thorough investigation by a central agency needs to be initiated by the Govt of India. The disciples of Osho want to stop the sale of Pune Osho ashram and also stop the diversion of ashram resources abroad.”
Hema Baweja, one of the spokespersons of Osho Friends Foundation said,

Osho Friends Foundation Osho Friends Foundation, registered under the provisions of the Maharashtra Public Trust Act, is a gathering of Osho disciples, friends and admirers disseminating Osho’s Work. The foundation is based in Pune, India, and was established in 2011.

Osho Ashram of Pune now known as the Osho International Resort was the home of the enlightened mystic Osho from 1974 till his death in 1990. It is the vital landmark of his iconic movement.
He is the revered Guru to millions all over the world and the Pune ashram is where his Samadhi is located.
During the ‘70’s ’80s and ‘90s the place was a prime spiritual destination for not only Indians but also for millions across the globe. The number of people visiting the Pune ashram dwindled at the turn of the century.

What could be the reason for dwindling numbers in the Pune Ashram?

According to disciples who have been with Osho since the sixties and seventies, the attraction of Osho has only grown.
Across the world the sale of Osho books has increased. The Osho Centre in Delhi, known as Osho Dham, has seen a big increase in numbers of people interested in Osho’s work and meditations.
It is contended that the Pune ashram trustees have grossly mismanaged the finances and distorted the teachings of Osho.
They have edited the words spoken by Osho. The trustees have deliberately discouraged people from coming to the ashram by exorbitant entry charges and petty rules with the objective to sell the highly valued property of the ashram.

“Osho is the Dhyan Rishi of India who attracted millions from all parts of the globe. It is said that there may be a country without an Indian embassy but none without an Osho disciple.” She was among the first group of 16 persons who took initiation from Osho referred to as neo-sannyas. She says that Osho has played a vital role in transforming the lives of lakhs of devotees.

Ma Dharma Jyoti says

“Osho is Guru for millions and has spoken on every known mystic of the past and every aspect of modern life. There are 9000 hours of audio discourses and 2000 hours of video discourses available in Hindi and English. His words are transcribed into 650 books translated into 75 languages around the world. On average 700 books are published each year somewhere on the planet. Meaning two books per day!”

Swami Keerti adds,
The protest meeting on 29th Oct was held at Osho Dham, a meditation campus founded by the late Swami Om Prakash Saraswati a devotee of Osho who was sent by Osho in 1977 from the Pune Ashram to Delhi to start a Mediation Centre there.
Osho Rajyoga Centre began functioning in 1978. Later, in 1984 Osho sent him a message from Rajneeshpuram in Oregon USA to take up a big place near Delhi. This marked the beginning of Osho Dham.

“With the Blessings of Osho and guidance from Swami Om Prakash, Osho Dham has bloomed into an Osho Budhafield with daily meditations and celebrations all the year round.”

Amit Saraswati part of the Caretaker team in Osho Dham says,

“That the sale of the Pune ashram should be stopped else it will be an irreparable loss for the humanity.”

Swami Kulbhushan who worked for the United Nations and left it to be with Osho said,

“We hold credible evidence that the present trustees of the public charitable trust have siphoned off properties and funds valuing rupees 1800 crores into their private companies in and outside of India.”

Swami Prem Geet from Osho Friends Foundation said,
The Hon’ble Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment, Shri Ramdas Athawale was invited to urgently institute an Inquiry Commission to audit all trusts of Osho Ashram, Pune and Mumbai & take steps to stop the sale of Osho Ashram properties worth over 1000 Crores.
Minister Athawale assured the gathering that he will take action to institute a probe.
He said that Osho teachings are a solution to the problems of humanity in today’s times and that it is his responsibility to ensure justice to such a renowned spiritual organization founded by Osho.
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