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Naaz Joshi shares a story on society’s conventional thinking towards their culture

Naaz Joshi shares a story on society's conventional thinking towards their culture
Naaz Joshi shares a story on society's conventional thinking towards their culture

The Indian government is taking measures to encourage transgender people to work in businesses by granting them the same rights as everyone else.

Is this operating correctly? Is the hr giving them equal weight throughout the interview? Are their perspectives valued after they begin working with the firms? Do the other employees in the firm get along with them? Many questions arise as a result of the government’s initiative. Do we have any answers?

We don’t, but when it comes to transgender individuals, it’s never been simple for them. They are continually scrutinized for their sexuality, whether in a five-star hotel or a small motel. Discuss clothing, education, and life in a culture every time they have to prove themself.

Transgender people encounter several challenges when getting health care services, and there have been numerous reports of improper behavior and prejudice directed toward them. Refusing care purely because of one’s gender identity is a serious issue nowadays. Furthermore, harassment and violence, including physical assault, assault, and harassment in EMTs, prevent receiving competent healthcare.

Commenting on this Naaz Joshi, a transgender says “Indians perceive trans women as heejras, they don’t understand the umbrella term transgender. Even if today I have changed sex, they still address me as kinnar, heejda. Often in ola and uber, drivers ask me for rupees 1 as they think it’s a good omen. India has diverse cultures and backgrounds. I have noticed respect for modern trans women in States like Kerala and Tamilnadu, whereas the state of trans women in Delhi is really regressive. Here there is no respect, the government is not providing any job, few trans women have got jobs in Amazon, flipkart and Accenture but all thanks to ms laxmi narayan tripathi and manish jain from kineer empowering lives. Delhi government doesn’t consider transgender people as their vote banks, Delhi trans cell is least Bothered to attend to our problems. I have myself tried appointments with cell members but they have tons of attitude, once they gave an appointment but I ran late and asked for another appointment and till date I didn’t get any appointment.

Kerala government offered a job to their international trans queen where as I have been winning international beauty pageants since 2016, has our prime minister Mr modi ever bothered to meet me. Once I asked a member of social justice, I was told that the government doesn’t send you to these pageants, my question to them is, did you send manushi chillar Or harnaaz kaur sandhu as well? When u can hear them, why can’t a transgender achiever. Are we not achievers? I recently met the mayor of ghaziabad city, madam asha sharma, she was really generous and offered me food at a public gathering which was not meant for me. I need to ask the Delhi government that just awarding me on international women’s day and giving me a 50k cheque, is that enough? There were 60 more people who didn’t make India proud and yet got awards. I am ashamed to be born in New delhi. Heartless capital of India”

Adding to this aliya Khan, Nova benefits comments ” On a larger level, our society is cisgender, even in policies of inclusion at the workplace. Trans people don’t find space in inclusion policies or offices, and those who do, become subjects of abuse and discrimination. The new job openings especially open to people from the trans community are a much needed step to make trans people a part of workplaces. However, they should be tied in with internal office policies to curb transphobia. I believe all job openings should come with this one line—People from the trans community are encouraged to apply.”

Using one of my examples, “During my train ride from Thane to CST in Mumbai, I met a transgender person with a wonderful attitude, a fantastic sense of humor, an outstanding education, and a great vocabulary. So the person told us about their path, stating that they went through numerous firms looking for work. Still, all that person received was questioning their sexuality, making them nervous to look upto themself, Thus, decided that it was better to beg others for money rather than going through that.”

Here’s something interesting that came upon during this conversation “During his interviews, companies were always ready to give him the job” the exciting thing here is that they were ready to give him the job at a higher level without any experience, just because they wanted to make it public that they hired a transgender person at a higher position. Using them as a source of publicity for the company is what they wanted.

We all notice these things, yet we do nothing about them. We encounter transgender persons at traffic lights or on trains in our daily lives, yet all we do is criticize them. We may easily question why they are begging when they can work and earn. Still, we don’t realize that it is impossible in India for a transgender person to work at a firm without being discriminated against.

Also, we all know that working in India requires a plethora of identity documents, to begin with. Hiring prejudices, on-the-job discrimination, salary disparities, a lack of legal resources, difficulty obtaining paperwork, and denied benefits impede trans people’s employment possibilities.
Apart from preventing workplace harassment, equitable access to help should be pushed so that trans people can have productive and healthy lives.
The authored article is written by Nikita Katarmal and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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