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Mothers United Moment: A global movement endorsed by Prime Minister

MUM is physically bringing together over 100 mothers across the globe in a 3-day event.

Mother’s United Moment (MUM) is a forum conceptualized by India’s first baby and a portrait photographer, Shikha Khanna, to bring 100 inspiring stories of mothers around the world in a coffee table book called “100 Self-Portraits 100 Dreams”.

This event aims to showcase the courageous journey of mothers and uplift the spirit of motherhood which will encourage the coming generation.

  • PM Modi extends his support towards the initiative with an appreciation letter
  • 100 moms from Cinema, Music, the Olympics, Air Force, LGBTQ community are featured
  • 3 actions packed days in Pune

In this book, the shutterbug Shikha Khanna has featured moms from different walks of life, she captured the beautiful journey of mothers from the Air Force, the LBGTQ community, Lifestyle coaches, doctors, Scientists, musicians, photographers, and many more.

Some noted mothers are Olympian & Arjuna Awardee Ashwini Nachappa, Actress, VJ, and Home chef Maria Goretti. Visually impaired artiste Shellyann Siddo; Para-Athlete, Padma Shri & Arjuna Awardee Deepa Malik amongst many others.

“I am glad to learn that you are bringing out the book ‘100 self-portrait 100 Dream’. In the land of a billion and more dreams. I wish this effort all the success in empowering mothers by catalyzing greater societal support for women and their goals. In the next 25 years, our Amrit Kal women are set to play a key role in building a strong and self-reliant India. I am positive that your effort will add strength to the nation’s mission of women-led development.”

Shri Narendra Modi ji, has extended his support through a letter stating.

“Mother’s United Moment (MUM) is an initiative to honor mothers as mothers, for balancing their personal and professional life gracefully through a picture story. As a mom, I always felt that the voice of the mother is unheard, however empowered they are. I wanted to give them a medium to express themselves through their lens and tell their compelling tale in their own words, to encourage other mothers who are grappling and feeling alone.”

Shikha Khanna, Curator of MUM said,

“What makes this book different from the rest is the way it captures the essence of motherhood by self-portrait. Here mothers are visually expressing themselves and their stories.”

MUM is physically bringing together over 100 mothers across the globe in a 3-day event from 11th to 13th November 2022 in Pune’s Oxford Golf Resort to recognize, reward, and celebrate motherhood.

It will be tough for attendees to choose which session to attend and which one to skip because each one is curated fully with more engaging content.

The 3-day event will see fund-raising activities like the Run for MUM Marathon, Pune tour, film screening, and entertainment programs like Sufi Music night, stand-up acts, and many more.

Funds raised will be donated to building sensory room at Sunderji Institute of Special School, which provides a conducive learning environment for neurodiverse children whose educational needs cannot be met within a mainstream setting.

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