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Making us Sanguine: Kabeer discovers hope through sign language

Kabeer. Story of a 4-year-old who uses sign language to study  

 Kabeer Mujawar. A grade 1 (age 4) student from Orchids-The International School, Kharadi, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of 3 and is currently exploring the world of education through sign language. 

Kabeer’s parents noticed his strange behaviour when he was only 2.5 years old: running in circles, being fascinated in objects with circular motion such as fans and wheels, organising and forming patterns with blocks, cubes, spoons, dislike to metallic sounds, cooker whistles, and so on.

His parents sought medical advice after noticing his lack of communication and social abilities, and thus his Occupational Therapy began (OT).

The OT programme is tailored to people with special needs, with a focus on learning, play, and self-care. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, the therapy was halted. It was a trying period for all exceptional children like him.

Kabeer’s parents enrolled him in preschool as meeting his needs got more difficult with time. Kabeer sat very comfortably, which was unusual along with other kids.

His communication and writing skills, however, remained a source of concern for his parents and instructors. He continued his OT after the lockdown was lifted.

Kabeer is an astute observer. He tries to make collage objects out of whatever materials he can find.

After his teachers noticed this, they began using simple methods such as the Rawa tray, clay, and sensory integration techniques on his arms to teach him the alphabet, numbers, and so on.

Kabeer slowly picked it up and began drawing the alphabet and numerals with his fingers.

Learning sign language has skyrocketed Kabeer’s academic performance and ability to express. Remarkably, he has come up with unique signs to express his feelings.
Though he is not yet fluent, his desire and determination are admirable. He can now sign animals and letters with his fingers and has begun communicating with his actions.
His parents and instructors also urge him to compete in various school art competitions. It melts our hearts to see his development!
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