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Invest in our planet This Earth Day

It is time we as human beings revisit our understanding of independent existence. This misunderstood way of independent existence, while having placed humans in the pinnacle of biological evolution, has brought in a huge disconnect between man and earth. Human beings should honour and respect the interconnectedness and the interdependence between us and planetary resources.

Human beings exist through maintaining homeostasis, which is equilibrium in the internal environment. Similarly, a healthy equilibrium in the ecosystem is a prime criterion for planetary healthy existence. The ecosystem is interwoven with different streams of life resourced from mineral kingdom raised into plant and animal kingdom. These streams abide by nature’s law except human beings. Human being have free will. The harmonious balance in ecosystem is brought about by sharing through contribution and receiving.

The planet gives us abundantly. But human beings take more than they need. The balance will be sought through not living out of greed but to live out of need and meet the need through utilising resources to the optimum. One of the most effective ways to meet this is through mindful living. The first step is to stop overdrawing beyond what one needs. Human illnesses represent this imbalance. Asthma is when breathing out becomes difficult and obesity is when burning out becomes difficult.

So man should give back to the planet, not only for planetary health but for our own wellbeing. Out of free will, we, as human beings should bring in lifestyle changes through mindful living and work towards the collective wellness of human being and the planet.

The authored article is written by Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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