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Hijab is a medium of the battle between orthodox right-wingers and progressive feminists

Hijab is the word that has been speculation for the last few days. In the Indian Subcontinent and the western world.USA and UAE have strong strategical partnerships from business and socio-economic perspectives. Especially because Oil manufacturer segment in the gulf. It is not a relationship for love or affection. It is because of the oil manufacturing capacity in Saudi to nurture this energy in other infrastructure projects.

Saudi Arabia has a strong influence in the Arab world. Economic power concentration and religious center of the Islamic foundation are essential for all western world and Islamic nations for strategic tie up.

Muslims from another corner of the world is religiously associated with Macca, Madina. There is no democracy in Saudi Arabia or the UAE region. The Arab emirates association of seven different Gulf nations takes strategic policies and decisions for the Arab Kingdom, especially for Islamic rules and regulations and petroleum-related pricing decisions.

OPEC strongly influences strategic decision-making for pricing methods and oil and petroleum distribution base decisions. Islam constitutes the world’s second-largest religion in the world after Christianity. Islamic laws are obligatory in Islamic nations. Though there is high debate on Hijab is compulsory or not. Many Muslim scholars believe that there is no mention of the Hijab in the Quran but covering a whole body is essential. Some scholar believes it is necessary for Islam. After over some time, it becomes a tradition in Islam. It has become compulsory for Muslim women. As a part of believing Muslims, people worldwide have practiced Hijab for many decades.

Chrony capitalism becomes the main factor in starting a cold war between the soviet union and USA. After a sizeable economic power concentration, America has expanded its horizon across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. A decade after World War 2, America shares a very high GDP contribution to the world economy. The battle between Kuwait -Iran in 1990 gave USA Political power to dominate the world. The USA is the largest crude oil buyer from gulf nations. It becomes a reason for the USA to dominate the Arab world in exchange for oil and raw material. The USA also favors keeping Arab autonomy in the Islamic world.

If we see closely, Gulf nations merely suffer from cross-border threats. Afghanistan, Syria, and Pakistan have suffered more from terrorism activity by Wahabi Islam bigotry. Although Saudi is religious, they are Liberal and open about hiring other country’s workforce in oil companies. But in real religious matters, they have a traditional approach. And instead of taking their economic liberty, religious terrorist organisations take a selective code of conduct for women.

After US’s rising power and dominance in the world market, America gives importance to fundamentalist organisation to spread fundamentalism and hate in Sufi and Wahabi concepts of Islam. It is an open secret that the US provides arms and ammunition to Pakistan and some gulf and Asian countries. Initially, the Taliban got a hand from the US for economic warfare, but Osama Bin Laden attacked the world trade center in 2001, changing world politics. Taliban, Hamas, Boko Haram, Al Qaida, and other terrorist outfit gained dominance to make a fundamentalistic Islamic state.

World politics changed on the issue of raising fundamentalism and, international security, terrorism.USA and China have become economic power centers to decide on expansion plans to dominant economic import-export policies.

As a result, womanhood is the biggest victim of religious fundamentalism. Burkha, Nakaab, and Hijab have become traditional practices for women to wear it. Shia and Sunni are the two main sects of Islam. Sunni Muslims have the largest population in the world, but in exceptional Iran, a Shia-dominated country with its cultural denominations and traditions. But policy restrictions for women are universal to wear at least Hijab.

Iran’s morality police detained 22-year-old Mahsa Amini for violating the dress code. Her custodial death fuelled big protests in entire Iran, and Hijab as a subject came into the limelight.

Thousands took to the streets Tuesday night, with videos of protests emerging from dozens of towns and cities – ranging from the capital Tehran to more traditionally conservative strongholds like Mashad.
Footage shows some protesters chanting, “Women, life, freedom.” Others can be seen setting up bonfires, scuffling with police, or removing and burning their headscarves – as well as destroying posters of the country’s Supreme Leader and shouting, “Death to the dictator.”
In one video in Tehran, young protesters march around a bonfire on the street at night, chanting: “We are the children of war. Come on and fight, and we’ll fight back.”
Thousands of women come to the street against the Hijab tradition. Five people were killed in Iran in protests over the death of a woman in police custody. The Human rights group says almost all the provincial towns in Iran’s Kurdish region, including Kermanshah and Hamedan, have also seen demonstrations. In India, the Karnataka government is also thinking of regulations on burkha. A few years back Hijab controversy happened in the US and Europe.
Progressive organizations are fighting against the Hijab being mandatory. At the same time, the religious personal law board claims that it is a religious decision and that no one should interfere. Now it needs to see what steps can formulate policies for women worldwide.
This opinion article written by Mohit Soman, Senior Journalist  Prittle Prattle News.
(The opinion expressed in the article are personal )
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