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Go green or go home! This “World Earth Day”, sustainable skincare brands deserve a wholesome shoutout

Consumers and skincare companies need to join hands to protect Mother Nature

“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for”, this wonderful quote by Ernest Hemmingway perfectly describes what the 22nd of April is all about! World Earth Day is much more than a run of the mill event; it is when humans come together and promise to make this planet a greener place.

Skincare is a category that finds numerous users across the country. While an increasing number of these customers are doing their bit by making eco-friendly choices, the responsibility of going green shouldn’t solely rest on their shoulders. The world needs more skincare brands that promote environmentally nurturing ideologies.

In the skincare world, what is the magic sauce that helps brands burn the “green” torch bright? Here’s a look:

Certified Green

Brands need to make more planet centric decisions. Associating with Ecocert for their much coveted Certification would be a great start. An uncompromisingly thorough body that only certifies environmentally viable products, Ecocert is the way to go if brands seek to usher real change.

Responsible Manufacturing

Any product a company crafts should be moulded to suit our environment, right from top to bottom! Each and every ingredient used in making a product should be traceable from end to end, and developed sans any toxic chemicals.

“Tech” all boxes

Every skincare organisation should harness the power of technology to increase optimisation and reduce wastage on all fronts. May it be as simple as saving electricity and water, with the kind of advanced tech available today, excess should slowly become a thing of the past, and sufficiency should be the new go to!

Wonderfully Vegan
Nature also includes the beings we share this planet with. Brands that are cruelty free, companies that refrain from sourcing animal derived products, organisations that do not support animal testing, such are the initiatives that need more adoption.
May it be skincare, hair care, baby care; wellness or home care, there is one name that applies all the above measures to practice absolute sustainability.
A company with a difference, “Azafran” not only brings supreme offerings to the table, but also takes rigorous steps to avoid hurting the blue planet, a fact that is reflected by its “Ecocert” certification.
This “World Earth Day”, Azafran is proud of being an early adopter with regards to eco conscious choices.
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