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Fake News is a new form of hatred

Fake news is informal hatred communication to hide the reality of the country. No matter what party you belong to, what ideology you follow. Irrespective of your viewpoints, trolling becomes a tool for removing frustration on the people. Forwarding Whatsapp messages to people have become a tool as an encyclopedia of fake news. This fake news on Whatsapp University or social media is not new, the format is changing, but the essence is the same. In ancient times fake news existed. The chronologies of events and debugging are coming into the picture in the social media world.

Mainly if we, from the ancient period, there were different viewpoints for structuring historical events. Since from Ramayana and Mahabharata, there were different viewpoints and approaches to seeing holy books from different perspectives. Who is wrong and who is correct is a matter of debate. Unfortunately, historians are divided based on different agendas. For one historical event, there are different versions by various authors. This is our democracy; things are filtrated out of curiosity, logic, and evidence. Things are gradually changing for progressive thought-provoking ideas. Still, another side there is the worst repulsion to counter legends of different ideologies to ‘Troll’ other people on the basis of caste, religion, and ideology.

For many media journalists or me, or many people, a troll is not a new thing. In contrast to free speech, Troll suppresses analysis of the thought-making process. I agree that you should present your thoughts in constitutional framework and parliamentary language. But is that mean that humans do not have the authority to express themselves? Why person become aggressive against things that are not favorable to their ideology?

The fundamental process of building viewpoints and perspectives at an early age right from our upbringing, surroundings, friend circle, nature, and outcome of the experience. But that does not give us the authority to suppress our voice or abuse those who disagree with us. Troll is the notion of reaching for something based on your chronology of thought process in line with the latest events. The worst part is that trollers are segregated trolling on the basis of caste, religion, and gender. They relate their thoughts based on the profession they belong to. Celebrities are also human beings like us. Not even politician spares their party worker from speaking the opposite or not agreeing with parties any policy. These parties call themselves the savior of democracy.

There is no need to introduce such events. More concern is the idea of India does not exist anymore. It became a mere bookish concept. Presenting your thoughts in public is a different scenario altogether. Even you are not able to speak what you feel with your relatives. You have to keep your identity clean to maintain your personal relationships? The relatives are not ready to give blessings irrespective of your ideological difference. The personal identity of thoughts is a factor in your personal and business relationships.

Is it called literate human beings? Frankly, No, It is moral policing for crowd terrorism. I do not agree to it. Education gives freedom to think, build logic, and practical implementation. But the same education becomes a tool to judge youth on the basis of educational qualifications, salary, and social status. Social identity is a dilemma for your inner voice.

Well, I am nobody for formulating policies for inclusion. Using abusive words, harassing others mentally, or bullying others will not make a difference. It is not suitable for a healthy civilization. Violence, whether it is physical or mental no place in a democracy. Social fabric will remain unchanged till we have matured conversations. The brain is your vehicle to reach your ultimate aim. If the concept of god exists as per genuine religious person, then will god allow us to bully or troll other persons is my simple question.

Nobody is interested in thought on these lines. Most people are busy in their lives and take social media as a medium of entertainment. As far as fake news is concerned, trolling is the first step to setting up your online hunt. Gradually it becomes habitual to spread ideology aggressively by suppressing other’s voices. To be judgmental about recent incidents, a person needs to back buy based on ideology implementation on fake stories or narratives. This fake narrative is used to publicise people’s radical thoughts to gain political momentum.

Not only political implications, but trolling has reciprocal instant reactions. Citizens of all fields have systematic restrictions to keep the wasted interest of other people to avoid allegations. At the same time, the troll army can decide anything and impose their agenda to prove their fascist ideology. Dominating other people gives immense pleasure to some people as it is part of their nature. We must understand people’s psychology to understand the problems around us.

If we really want to make a difference, then we must react naturally to what I feel. If we consider our short-term gain, then it will not give us an edge for social reform. It is our responsibility of like-minded people to support rational thinkers. I know it is not an easy task, but someone has to do this task. No matter who he is or what he belongs to, it is my duty as a citizen to react to trolling to support building future generations.
Fake news and trolling are great mischiefs for an idealized society. Societal pressure should not become a big problem for revolution. The main issue is that people bring together more productivity and necessary societal changes. Fake news created only hatred instead of finding solutions to the existing problem. Unity is not possible for diverse cultural identities but at least trolling and fake news should not become reasons for dividing the country and violence.
Fake news providers and trolls do not indulge in road fights. Ordinary common or poor men become a victim of violence. Conspirators never pay the price for implications. Now it is time to find a middle way to establish matured and civilized society.
This opinion article written by Mohit Soman, Senior Journalist  Prittle Prattle News.
(The opinion expressed in the article are personal )
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