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Global Sheconomy Research Report 2022: Opportunities in Innovative Digital Financial Products and Services for the Economic Empowerment of Women

DUBLIN, March 8, 2022 — The “Nine Mega Trends Leading the Sheconomy” report has been added to’s offering.

This comprehensive study covers the nine Mega Trends leading the growth of women’s economy.

The study includes both the recent scenario as well as the prospects of socioeconomic trends, such as the annual income, annual wealth and purchasing power of women, new consumption preferences, women’s changing social status, women talent pool, women in leadership positions in business and politics, and the rise of women-oriented entrepreneurship.

Women make up 48% of the global population and 35% of the global workforce. In the coming years, the world will witness growing female graduates, postgraduates, and workforce, women in leadership and managerial positions, and the rise of consumer power in the hands of women.

Women are emerging as decision-makers in procuring most consumer durables, health and beauty items, groceries, cars, and houses. Women from emerging nations, such as South Africa, China, and India, represent one of the highest growth opportunities for an investor today.

The main sectors that the investors can focus on, keeping in mind the spending pattern of women, would be food, health and beauty, apparel, financial services, healthcare, consumer durables, telecom services, automobiles, and real estate. The female-powered economy is poised to outpace the economies of the biggest nations in the next 5 years.

Tapping into this growth and understanding women as customers will be essential to business and economic prosperity. Organizations need to have more women-oriented business models to target them as customers. Corporates need to focus on women’s empowerment to help them reach the company board seats that can yield more revenue.

Countries need to frame robust policies toward the development of women by reducing the gender gap in the workforce and the gender-based pay gap. Equal male and female employment rates would boost 5% to 9% economic growth in developed nations and could add 30% to the economic output of developing countries.

Increasing the economic power of women will result in a shift in consumption and shopping behaviour and open new opportunities in consumer goods and services businesses. The trend will also impact distribution channels adopted by companies. It will create immense potential for online retail, large-format convenience stores, and doorstep services.

Key Issues Addressed

What are the top nine Mega Trends leading the Sheconomy today and in the next 10 years? How will each of these Mega Trends shape up today and tomorrow? How do companies understand women-oriented Mega Trends? What are they changing in their business models to accommodate this change? What are the key growth opportunities to watch out for in the next decade? What are the critical success factors for growth for companies seeking to enter this space?

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Strategic Imperative
Why is Growth Becoming Increasingly Difficult to Achieve? The Strategic Imperative Our Mega Trend Universe – Overview Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine
  1. Growth Environment
Our Mega Trend Universe – Digital Identity Impact Nine Mega Trends Leading Sheconomy – Key Indicators Growth Opportunities Critical to Future Success
  1. Trend Opportunity Analysis
Trend Opportunity Overview Mega Trend 1 – Women as Economic Power House Mega Trend 2 – Surge in Women Purchasing Power Mega Trend 3 – Growing Female Labor Force Globally Mega Trend 4 – Rise of Female Entrepreneurship Mega Trend 5 – Women Increasing Political Participation Mega Trend 6 – Women Reaching Company Leadership Positions Mega Trend 7 – Women as New Wave of Consumers Mega Trend 8 – Female Graduates Outnumber Male Graduates Mega Trend 9 – Change in Social Status of Women
  1. Growth Opportunity Universe
Growth Opportunity 1 – Innovative Digital Financial Products and Services for the Economic Empowerment of Women Growth Opportunity 2 – FemTech Innovations to Address Women’s Health Challenges Growth Opportunity 3 – Gender-based Retail Model to Cater to the New Age Female Consumers

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