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Bluum Launches New Strategic Planning Advisory Service for Schools

Bluum, North America’s leading education technology solutions provider, recently announced the debut of its Strategic Planning Advisory Service. Bluum leveraged months of educator research to create the new service designed to assist schools to create a strategic plan for innovation by developing a clear understanding of their current learning environments. The program aims to transform learning and create a Digital Age education organization in a collaborative and cost-effective manner.

Bluum leveraged months of educator research to create this new strategic planning advisory service.

The Strategic Planning Advisory Service is a partnership between Bluum and schools that utilizes a collaborative, step-by-step approach toward creating strategic plans customized to each school’s needs and resources to foster better teaching and learning outcomes. Schools will undergo a three-phased model of engagement that includes data gathering to provide a clear picture of current learning, a discovery report that identifies a school’s bright spots and opportunities for growth and multi-year design recommendations with actionable steps toward accomplishing clearly defined measurable goals.

Once a school creates its strategic plan by assessing its strengths and weaknesses, Bluum offers its full suite of products to help schools move from where they are to where they want to be.

“We utilized Bluum and its personnel’s expertise to carefully analyze our technology program, guide us through our decision-making process and develop our 2022-25 New York State Technology Plan,” East Williston UFSD Director of Technology, Innovation, and Information Services Ed Kemnitzer said. “Through surveys, numerous conversations and data analysis, Bluum provided a detailed report and areas of growth that can benefit our students while informing our technology program. I recommend this service without reservation because the feedback provided was timely, comprehensive and ensured an objective look at where we need to develop as a school district.”

The goal of the planning service is threefold: to help districts maximize return on their educational technology investments, maximize return on instruction by ensuring staff receives the training necessary to meet students’ needs and ultimately impact students’ learning outcomes.

“This is a thrilling day for me personally,” Bluum CEO Erez Pikar said. “Educators struggle to make sense of all the available technologies and execute complex technology plans in a world of changing budgets, inequity, learning loss and other Covid-related challenges.

Bluum advisors take some of the weight off their shoulders by bringing technology experience, best practices and a passion for education to the planning process. The goal is to give the educators we adore the tools and time to focus on teaching and improving learning outcomes.”

Recently named to the Inc. 5000 “Regionals Southwest” and CRN’s “Tech Elite 250” lists of honorees, Bluum was also recognized in 2021 as one of the “Top 10 Integrators” by Systems Contractor News and a member of the Inc. 5000 list of “America’s Fastest-Growing Companies.”

“As a former educator,” Vice President of Education Services Emily Cook said, “I know of many school leaders who have been clamoring for an advisory service like this. Since schools currently have previously unseen access to federal funds and realize a fiscal cliff is approaching once those disappear in a few years, it’s also a once-in-a-generation opportunity to provide a proactive solution.”

A free 30-minute consultation that includes an introduction to a digital responsiveness framework and indicators to success will be made available to schools. In addition, EdWeek will feature a free webinar that previews the Bluum Strategic Planning Advisory Service on May 18.
About Bluum
At Bluum, we believe that education is the single most achievable step toward a more positive and equitable tomorrow. We empower educators to become innovative change-makers by providing them with technology solutions and services to improve learning and make it more accessible. With decades of experience working with educators to create remarkable learning experiences, Bluum provides technology and services that support to nearly 27 million students across North America daily.
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