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An Emotional and Heartfelt Campaign by JK Super Cement, #TohfaSurakshaKa Is a gift to Traffic Personnel

In 6 states, 200 traffic booths were installed

Under their legacy of Courage, Determination and Responsibility, JK Super Cement has been a pioneer in bringing a change in the way building structures are perceived.

In keeping with the brand vision and corporate responsibility of JK Super Cement, they have launched a Diwali campaign called #TohfaSurakshaKa.

The campaign #TohfaSurakshaKa aims to improve traffic management and the safety of traffic cops, and to extend heartfelt gratitude to all heroes in uniform who contribute to a disciplined and safe road environment.

Preceding Diwali, the brand initiated the installation of 200 traffic police booths across six states.

Mr. Love Raghav, Head Branding Grey Cement Business-With our ‘business with a purpose’ mindset, we have consistently grown and created brand value for JK Super Cement.

In our previous campaigns, such as #YehPuccaHai, which recognized the strength, contribution, and the hard work of millions of construction workers.

In our #YehYaraanaPuccaHai campaign, which built ramps in Rajasthan schools for differently abled children, and aim to raise awareness about the importance of an inclusive society.

#TohfaSurakshaKa continues the legacy with a powerful yet emotional message.

The campaign proceeds to showcase this initiative in video format. The video begins with a series of empathetic actions and dialogue between a traffic cop and a vendor toward a young mute girl selling diyas at a traffic signal.

It takes an emotional turn with the cop falling ill due to heatstroke and the girl collecting money for constructing a traffic booth for him.
Campaign ends with the tagline- Let’s take care of those who protect us with a #TohfaSurakshaKa.
With this initiative, JK Super Cement is aiding the government’s vision to make work conditions more suitable for those who ensure our safety.

” We have worked tirelessly and resolutely for years to stay true to our mission and motto, ‘Build Safe’. This Diwali, we felt the need to appreciate the men in uniform, the traffic police who toil day in and day out through extreme weather conditions to maintain safe and effective road transportation. Hence, our campaign #TohfaSurakshaKa is a tribute to them, extending gratitude. We have transformed into an organisation that not only continues to grow but gives back selflessly tothe society. The #TohfaSurakshaKa campaign resulted in the construction of 200 traffic police booths across six states.”

Love Raghav further added,
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