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6 High-End Fashion Technology Trends!

Experiential stores – Almost 92 percent of luxury purchases are made in brick-and-mortar establishments

Experiential stores – Almost 92 percent of luxury purchases are made in brick-and-mortar establishments. However, the tendency is changing, and consumers are more interested in internet buying than ever before. Clothing, for example, might be more expensive than what you would get at a regular store. As a result, buyers seek assurance that the items they are about to buy will meet their expectations. To meet the need for online purchasing, fashion firms employ mixed reality technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). As a result, prospective buyers may take a virtual stroll around fashion showrooms, try different clothing, and connect with other individuals.

Mobile devices are taking over – When the first mobile phone was created in 1973, few people imagined it would evolve into the multi-purpose gadget that it is today. They have, nevertheless, become an essential part of our everyday life. The modern luxury consumer employs mobile phones for various purposes, ranging from product research to payment. As a result, luxury fashion stores are offering options for customers to buy from anywhere. Consequently, we are observing a trend in which companies are developing mobile applications, real-time promotions, integrated return services, and mobile payment alternatives that customers can access with the press of a button.

Personalization: Every vendor must develop a perfect profile for their target consumer. However, in a market such as luxury goods, having the correct products is not enough. Retailers must demonstrate that they appreciate their consumers and know them on a personal level. Retailers develop loyal consumers and boost engagement levels via customization. As Dutch Label Shop points out, the premium fashion business must also spend bespoke labels for branding objectives (you need to keep reminding customers who you are). These merchants and manufacturers are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to tailor their experiences.

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