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USPTO grants a new patent for its EIDAS notification method

EIDAS is the European regulation that sets the rules in all matters relating to identification and trust services for electronic transactions within the EU.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Spanish OTCQX-listed company its sixth patent, this time referring to its registered and qualified electronic notification method EIDAS, a key to communicating electronically within the European market. 

This patent bears the name “Platform and method of certification of an electronic notice for electronic identification and trust services” (EIDAS).

The system, created by the company’s founder and CEO, Sisco Sapena, makes it possible to reliably identify the sender, the recipient and the data sent in electronic notifications. 

USPTO guarantees reliable electronic communication within Europe and has been granted for 20 years.

The company USPTO was already a pioneer in securing European homologation for this method in 2018. 

The patent USPTO on the method, which distributes under the trade name Openum eIDAS, is valid for 20 years. 

The Openum EIDAS trademark itself was granted register last year by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for ten years.

LLEIDA.NET HOLDS FIVE OTHER PATENTS IN THE UNITED STATES AND 203 WORLDWIDE, which trades in New York since November 2020, had already received five other patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The most recent, granted last October, refers to the company’s method for certifying emails containing an electronic signature recognised by a telecommunications operator.

To date, has accumulated 203 patents from 64 countries worldwide.

Patents have been granted for its method for the registration and certification of receipt of electronic mail, its method for certifying the sending of electronic mail, its method for registering delivery of SMS/MMS data messages to mobile terminals, and its method for producing certified electronic contracts.

Among the nations and international organisations that have acknowledged  the company’s innovations are, in addition to the United States, the European Union and all its member states, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Israel, South Africa, Colombia or Mexico.


Intellectual property and innovation are part of the company’s strategic pillars, together with that of internationalisation and its commitment to Research and Development.

The purpose of having these patents is to protect the company’s market position within the registered electronic signature and notification industry and the investments of the more than 3,000 shareholders that form part of the company’s cap table. 


  • is the only company in the world traded in OTCQX (New York), Euronext Growth (Paris), and BME Growth (Madrid), at the same time, under the tickers (OTCQX: LLEIF), (BME: LLN), and (EPA: ALLLN).
  • It was founded in 1995 and is the leading European public company in the eSignature and eNotification industry. 
  • The company registered record sales of more than 19.57 million USD in 2020, 20 per cent more than in 2019.
  • This advance in the company’s turnover came as a direct consequence of the boom in its Software as a Service (SaaS) line during 2020, which grew 59 per cent YoY, to 6.78 million dollars.
  • The company’s stock rose 940% during 2020, in one of the best stock market performances in Europe.
  • According to official market data, the company’s market cap amounts to more than 3,000 shareholders. 24% of the company’s shares are in the hands of institutional investors.
  •’s founder, Sisco Sapena, controls 37.71% of the company. 

International Profile

  • The company has 19 offices worldwide. In the United States, its Head Office is in Miami. The company has other offices in the Americas, including Bogotá and Lima.
  • recently announced the incorporation of a new subsidiary in Dubai to be named Lleidanet SaaS services to engage the Middle East and African markets. 
  • More than half of its clients are international and come from outside Spain, its head market. 
  • The company is the official and sole supplier of SaaS eSignature and eNotification services to four national postal services, including those of the United Arab Emirates, Colombia and South Africa.
  • More than 75 countries recognise the legal validity of its electronic methods as a means of certifying legal notices in procurement processes.

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