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What if we say there is no need to increase brightness and soften your picture?

Porefect Face Primer, amág beauty’s Primer, helps reduce pores and blurs lines coming in the way of your velvety face. It is a balmy primer that can be used as a professional skin refiner for touch-ups or as a perfect base for any makeup. 

Formulated with a mix of smart Elastomers for an advanced smoothing effect, the nourishing texture is enriched by vitamins E + C and Karitè butter for their anti-oxidant and moisturizing effect. The formula of Porefect Face Primer smartly adapts to any skin imperfection for an advanced smoothing impact that will make your complexion flawless.


  • Enriched With Vitamin E + C: This outcome makes your skin touch velvety and nourishes the flawless base for applying foundation, concealer, powder, or even blush. When you use differentia elements like those in Porefect Face Prime, you’ll sense the distinction that nutritional skin can construct in your foundation application – but better significantly, you’ll see the contrast it constructs in how long your makeup prevails throughout the day!
  • Oil Free: An oil-dissuading primer and a winner in this section. You can use this product before your makeup to preserve any gloss throughout the day. Then lightly smudge an extra layer over your foundation and concealer to seal deeply. This unexplored solution is way too better than any powders and lotions.
  • Mineral Oil Free: To convert your face into a perfect, slippery base with the Mineral free Face Primer. By developed to combat extra oil, slight dryness, enlarged pores, and gorgeous finishing. It is a multifunctional skin primer that will equip your skin so makeup proceeds evenly for a long-lasting outcome.
  • Nano-Ingredient Free: With a no-deterrent no-block formula, this skin-perfector efficiently smoothes out the skin and muddies out the pores without obstructing them
  • Preservative Free: Porefect Face Primer blends effortlessly and gives a natural and perfect finish to the face with a matte finish look with its preservative-free element.
Prittle Prattle News highly recommends Porefect Face Primer.
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