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Never ever have uneven foundation on your face with On The Bae Powder Foundation

On The Bae Powder Foundation: amág Beauty’s range of powder foundations is the best companion to your complexion, offering you a custom-made makeup finish. The powder foundation infused with the ‘blip’ technology assures that your skin subsists soft and nourishing by intercepting the contaminated rays from your screens. The Bae Powder foundation’s velvety texture has severe adhesion and entitles effortless application.


  1. Absorbs oil
  2. Full Coverage
  3. 8+ Hours Wear
  4. Matte Coverage
  5. Enriched With Vitamin E

For an ideal beginning, you require a base with an immaculate finish. Let your hands charm your face with instant quintessence as the powder foundation transforms from powder to cream when emulsified with water, feeding adjustable coverage. Lightweight, self-indulgent, and effortless to blend, amág Beauty’s powder foundation range guarantees you constantly have your picture-perfect face.

Pledge by the powder foundation, would you?

✓ Sets foundation for longer

✓ Absorbs oil from the skin

✓ Hides open pores

Play the powder foundation to your strength by picking your finish:

✓ USE DRY for full Matte coverage

✓ USE WET for a satin film and sheer like buildable coverage

✓Wear magic on your face by choosing the perfect foundation shade to compliment your skin tone.

Prittle Prattle News highly recommends On The Bae Powder Foundation.
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