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Do you know that your brow color fades?

Teenagers and women entice attention with those fascinating well-maintained-looking eyebrows. And using a dark pencil/ kajal on your brow looks too unfashionable.

With amág Beauty’s Professional Brow Pomade, your brows will feel adored from the first stroke. Its auto-fixing ingredients ensure super long-lasting performance and nourish high comfort to the eyebrows. Swear by this one when it comes to acing color and application uniformity. Also, you can change the shape of your brow pretty efficiently.

A few premium products in the market with Brow Powder, but amág Beauty’s Professional Brow-Vo! Eyebrow Pomade‘s smart multi-functional pigment is wetter than others, which glorifies the color payoff of pigments for ultimate expression with each stroke. It enhances spread-ability in the application while retaining a not-drying feeling.

Product USP:

  1. Water Resistant: It’s a perfect proportion of how you require it. 
  2. Super Long Wear: You don’t have to concern about it even if you have a lengthier day
  3. Light Weight: Effortless to hold in your priority makeup kit
  4. Non-Drying: This is the product’s superiority is that the kajal on your brow makes it look unnatural; the brow powder sprinkles but Brow-Vo! Eyebrow Pomade is a cut-through balance, and your brow looks amazingly elegant.
  5. Transfer Proof: It doesn’t transfer on your fingers or hands while accidentally brushing against it. 
Prittle Prattle News highly recommends Brow-Vo! Eyebrow Pomade.
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