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Vision India Pledges to Employ Over 21,000 Youth under its ‘Employ India Campaign’

Vision India, has pledged to employ 21 thousand youth through its "Employ India Campaign" during the year 2021.

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Vision India, one of the leaders in staffing skilling and E-learning, has pledged to employ 21 thousand youth through its “Employ India Campaign” during the year 2021. The campaign was launched on 11th January 2021 on the occasion of National Youth Day.



Vivek Kumar, CEO of Vision India, presenting the programme


Vision India has decided to take 12th and college students from 2nd/3rd tier cities of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal in the first phase for Employ India campaign.


In this program, students and job seekers will be given employability skills of basic digital education and soft skills related to the industry besides the functional/hard skills.


This course is available on the online learning portal, which has been prepared by experienced professionals working in the industry. It has been prepared in easy language in such a way that the person studying it, whether a student, unemployed or has dropped out in between, can understand it better. Relevant Videos, success stories have also been added to it, making it easy to understand. This course has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the industry as well as the NSQF National Skills Qualification Framework.


During this campaign, students will be given an opportunity to interact with industry leaders from time to time through video calls, where they can discuss their career related issues, this will remove their mental pressure and fear.


Vivek Kumar, CEO of Vision India said, “This campaign will become a medium between big companies looking for job ready candidates and youth looking for jobs. He mentioned at in part 1 of the initiative, 4800 got trained and got them a gainful employment in last 9 months (April 2020 till date). In new version, there is more emphasis on industry’s leaders active participation in this program, enabling us to jump shift & evolution” to the Prittle Prattle News through a Press Release.


He added, “For this purpose a platform has been developed for aspirant youth to be made employable as well as companies to choose a person for employment according to their needs. This will reduce the gap between demand and supply in the corporate world people requirement and aspiring youth for employment.”


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