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8 Women to Know in Sustainability in 2021

 8 Women to Know in Sustainability in 2021 : Check out this list of phenomenal sustainability experts from Pagne PR of the year 2021

8 Women to Know in Sustainability in 2021

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, 2021  — There has been an influx of consumers who want to know where their products come from and their impact on the planet. Check out this list of phenomenal sustainability experts from Pagne PR.

Valerie Gilday, Première Classe Skincare

Valerie’s philosophy behind skincare begins with utilizing clinically-proven ingredients and high-performance super-fruits. She is determined to preserve peoples’ skin and the environment from toxicities while reducing greenhouse gas emissions through their supply chain and shifting even more of their production locally.

Vicki wallis, The Fashion Business Coach

Vicki is on a mission to help start-up designers achieve their dream while providing them with sustainable knowledge and training. From choosing and sourcing sustainable fabrics to working with the manufacturer, Vicki is coaching and creating a new generation of accountable designers. “Every person on earth wears clothes. If you can influence how they are made, you can have a massive impact!”

Chelsy Christina, Mindful Goods

Chelsy is on a mission to make low waste living accessible to everyone. She not only shares sustainability tips on her TikTok account, but she also founded Mindful Goods to provide zero-waste solutions to the everyday products we use.

Flavia Citron, Neon Bars

Flavia created a plant-based eco-friendly option for your daily soap bar. “We would like individuals to rediscover the benefits of soap bars in combining environmental awareness with quality. Soap bars are more economical, practical, and produce less waste.” There is no need to give up a luxurious experience to be a conscious person!

Heather Jiang, Allegorie

Can you make a bag out of recycled fruit? Yes! Heather did just that with a team dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint. “I want to redefine luxury leather accessories by providing more sustainable options for consumers, to drive the food system change, and to support better work conditions for the fashion manufacturing workers.”

Jennifer Harper, Cheekbone Beauty

Jennifer Harper has BIG goals at Cheekbone Beauty, a high-quality, cruelty-free beauty company. By 2023, Cheekbone aims to eliminate single-use plastic, provide refill options and biodegradable packaging while using raw ingredients from plant or bio-based sources. “We can’t exist to make profit anymore. We need to create products that are reducing our impact on Earth.”

Jodie Breau, Dental Lace

At Jodie’s company, Dental Lace, her team creates sustainable refillable dental floss with a well-designed zero waste container. “I love hearing from our customers. I’m reminded that there are people who care about the planet. Our customers inspire me to create better products.” Now you can floss guilt-free!

Patty Maganis,Eco Gloves

Did you know that it takes the standard plastic glove 500+ years to degrade in a landfill? Patty created a product that is environmentally friendly and effective with her premium compostable gloves. “With concerns of climate change, people want sustainable and earth-friendly options. It’s what the world needs right now, especially as we see the rise in protective single-use products during this pandemic.” This was informed to Prittle Prattle News by a Press Release.

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