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JK Masale launches a new set of spice mixes adding a festive zing of flavors

Kolkata, October 2020: Every year, the much-awaited occasion of Durga Puja brings everyone together for a wondrous time of liveliness, laughter, love, and everything that lightens up our lives over those special days.

With it comes the inextricable tradition of indulging in the vast palate of ‘chatpata’ street-side flavors and authentic Bengali cuisine. This year, JK Masale has introduced a new set of spice mixes under the brand’s Blended Spices range of products to ensure that pujo is all things fun and spicy, as we have always known it to be – even in our new reality.

Durga Puja is incomplete without the customary phuchka, and tikka roll stops along the way and the comforting aromas of home-cooked curries on afternoons spent with family and friend

s. As we experience a unique pujo this year, JK Masale has launched four new blended spices – “JK Pani Puri Masala”, “JK Tikka Masala”, “JK Curry Powder” and “JK Royal Garam Masala”, all of which bring the spirit of the chaotic, lit-up Kolkata lanes lined by street food stalls, right to our home’s kitchens.

The brand’s newly launched “JK Pani Puri Masala” is sure to recreate the long-admired zest and flavor of our forever-favorite phuchka, while the “JK Tikka Masala” blend is perfect for home-made tikka, kebab masalas, tandoori, rolls, and more.
 “JK Curry Powder” is a versatile mix of tangy Indian spices, blended to add a rich flavor and color to warm Indian curries, sabzis, and bhajis. The “JK Royal Garam Masala” is a superior blend of 13 rich and exotic spices. This masala’s hint adds a touch of royalty to the many savored dishes loved by one and all during pujo.

Speaking on the new line of products, Mr. Vijay Jain, Chief Marketing Director, JK Masale, says to Prittle Prattle News by sharing a press release, “We are delighted to introduce a new line of superior-quality masalas under our Blended Spices category, for this special occasion of Durga Puja and the city’s grand festivities. At a time when we are witnessing more and more people taking up home-cooking and a rising preference for home-made food, we hope that the four new blended spices will become a household favorite for everyone during these festive times and even beyond.”

From the existing range of JK Masale products that have spiced up our kitchens for years, the traditional “JK Posto” is just the right fix for the Bengali comfort food cravings during Durga Puja, be it also posto, posto baata, jhinge posto, or postor bora. For Biryani lovers, at least one pujo meal is dedicated to this regal rice dish that is a legend in itself. The elegantly blended “JK Shahi Biryani Masala” is all that is needed to add the ideal flavor of spices and herbs to mouth-watering home-cooked Biryani. Besides, one can have all their culinary needs met with JK Masale’s all-time favorite essential spices, such as “JK Haldi Powder”, “JK Red Chilli (Hot)”, “JK Jeera Powder,” and “JK Dhaniya Powder” to name a few.

JK Masale’s spices are sorted using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the purest quality of spices and ingredients, which are packed with the most significant safety and hygiene level. The products are ready to be opened up and used in your delectable dishes. The new products, as well as the pre-existing ranges of zesty spices, are available at grocery shops, retail stores, and online on Flipkart, Big Basket, Grofers, Sasta Sundar, PayTM Mall, and other e-commerce platforms as well.

Ushering in the festivities this year, JK Masale is driving a social campaign to encourage mindfulness about safety and well-being. JK Masale is a brand that cares about the society’s safety and hygiene at large, and through the use of social messaging on banners this Durga Puja, the brand is contributing to raising awareness about the importance of staying safe and keeping our loved ones safe.

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