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NuvoH2O: Playing a Whole New Game

CLEARFIELD, Utah, May 26, 2021: NuvoH2O has had some amazing growth since the start of last year. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, both due to necessary social distancing, supply chain issues, and the shipping slowdowns, NuvoH2O’s continued growth has allowed them to launch their first major promotional sale this Memorial Day weekend. NuvoH2O is anticipating reaching more customers than ever before.

NuvoH2O’s recent capacity for promotions has greatly increased. As they have grown in size, made more partnerships with more outlets, and increased their revenue as well as reduced their production costs, large sales are much more feasible. With only a few smaller Christmas sales before this year, NuvoH2O has been eagerly awaiting the time they could take full advantage of Memorial Day and other common sales days. Thankfully, they have reached that point over the last year.

The major places where it has grown is in the reach of their B2B sales and other sales partnerships. Trevor Poll, the Wholesale Channel Manager, said: “We have had a great expansion in our Plumbing Wholesale Channel. We have signed on 4 new manufacturer rep agencies and expanded our Wholesale area of coverage, including Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ontario Canada. We have created new tools to help Wholesale partners promote it as well, such as new signage, displays, literature and demonstrations kits.”

This growth, along with a healthy expansion of their shipping and production capabilities, is the kind of reach and potential sale volume to justify a larger promotion then they have had before.NuvoH2O’s Memorial Day sale boasts a $500 discount on their Manor Duo System, $150 off the Manor System, and $100 off the Home System, and will run from Thursday, May 27 to Monday, June 7, 2021. Anyone interested in purchasing a NuvoH2O Water Softening System should visit NuvoH2O.com. 

About NuvoH2: it is a licensed trademark of Nuvo Residential, LLC. Manor Duo is a license trademark of Nuvo Residential, LLC. CitraCharge is a registered trademark of Nuvo Residential, LLC. Nuvo Residential LLC is a privately owned corporation based in Clearfield, Utah. NuvoH2O is dedicated to developing eco-friendly water softening and water treatment technologies.

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