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The government require Nepotism and Groupism free governance

Recently war of words between Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan and Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on nepotism is an actual example of opinion differences between government employees, diplomats, and politicians. Governor Arif Mohammad Khan’s allegation of the CM of Nepotism is painful. War of words and allegations against each other is not necessary. But discussing this issue is very important.

Nepotism is not a new phenomenon. It exists in almost every field. But government and democracy are a social fabric for solving people’s issues. Government is the federal structure of our parliamentary democracy. People select their political representatives to form policy and direct government and employees for the betterment of society. But now politicians have become kings and rulers of the country. They are social workers. Government administration runs people’s policies through governance.

It means government employees and politicians, though connected, should have to keep their distance to avoid favoring anyone in decision-making. Today’s date is precisely the opposite. Many Sarkari Babu’s get a salary from the government, but they devote their loyalty to politicians. It is also not new. Building social and personal relationships and favors generally happen. Corruption is the same side of that coin.

The ruling political party is always favorable to personal friends and relatives in government. Instead of acting against incompetency, they promote their relatives at a high level and transfer government officials who are unsuitable to them. That’s how going for ages. Before the election, every party speaks about the constitution, taking the oath for ministry and everything, but how many people are entirely following it??

Structured faired implementation of the constitution and fundamental duties are not that easy. No one will believe it unless it is proven on ground level. Efficiency shows by quality work. Corruption will not finish, but we have to promote honesty.

In earlier days, recruitment of public services was not centralized by computerization. It is based on local deputation, general recommendations, and personal interviews. Now recruitment is centralized, but also there are personal interviews. The ultimate decision of government authority is who to select and who to avoid. But I can say that transparency has increased in the recruitment system, but it is not 100 percent transparency.

The public service commissions like MPSC and UPSC exams are based on general knowledge of current affairs. After passing the examination, more than 40 percent of candidates are confident. The private sector has HR administration. Only competent people will survive the formula of the private sector. In government, which is more favorable is a formula to improve your result of service books. This is need to change as fast for building good governance.

This opinion article written by Mohit Soman, Senior Journalist  Prittle Prattle News.
(The opinion expressed in the article are personal )
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