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Manmohan Singh one of the legend Prime Ministers of India

There are a lot of leaders who are keen to participate in all festivals, traditions, and religious activities, but there are very few who think about employment opportunities. Dr. Manmohan Singh is one from that list. From an early age, Dr. Singh has been passionate about doing something for society. He has made an immense contribution to the Indian economy. History will not forget Dr. Manmohan Singh.

As governor of RBI in 1982, He had some vital decisions from an economic perspective. His priority in building a sustainable economy and controlling inflation is to become vulnerable to leaders who make populist economic policies.

Indian stops its growth to a large extent. After 1975, things changed after an increase in manufacturing capacities. Significant improvement in the production process has made the world a global hub for trading goods and services. In the late ’70s and ’80s, Us, Uk, China, Germany, and Japan had significant progress in Industrialisation and implementation of global changing economic parameters. Compared to these countries, India lacks the capacity for producing raw materials, mass industrialization, and fewer exports.

In Narasimha Rao Government, Finance minister Manmohan Singh made revolutionary decisions like globalization, privatization, and liberalization that changed history for the New Indian economy. Heavy tax duties, license raj, and government red tape governance changed into a positive command for Indian industries. The door of Global investment became open in India, creating new job opportunities and opening new industry sectors in India.

Despite Narasimha Rao’s controversial image and losing control of the party structure, Dr. Manmohan Singh paved the way for the positive index for the party’s growth.

As Prime Minister of India for UPA, He had done a great job except for exceptional policies. He was running a coalition government while implementing effective policies that were incredible achievements he had made. The world is going through critical fluctuation in the world economy. Dr. Singh accelerated India’s GDP upto 8-8.30 %.

He is a soft-spoken person who always maintains his highly educated and humble politician in India. Sometimes even though he does not agree with the party’s agenda, he never creates any tense situation for the party. Despite much political criticism from the BJP, he never answered back and held his dignity level.

BJP-sponsored movie, Based on him, The accidental prime minister, created many rumors in the political world. The film became a flop but created several questions for Indian politics. It is rare to see in any political world. Dr. Singh never comments on that film. A true man behind building India. He never commented anything against Sanjay Baru for that situation.

It is hard to see the such PM in recent times. Dr. Manmohan Singh never advertises his work for the economy in the congress regime. Neither he became part of any internal politics. Sadly he never made any political statement or rarely attacked the opposition. That became a weak point for Dr. Singh and the party. Opposition at that time took the disadvantage out of it. Marketing, advertising, and social media changed Indian politics after PM Modi came into power in 2014.

But history never forgets legends.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Manmohan Singh!
This opinion article written by Mohit Soman, Senior Journalist  Prittle Prattle News.
(The opinion expressed in the article are personal )
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