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High voltage drama of Rajasthan Congress postponed the party’s internal activities

The Rajasthan crisis is not new for the party. Sudden rebelling of Ashok Gehlot’ supporter MLA acted against Sachin Pilot’s MLA camp. Ashok Gehlot supporters do not want Sachin Pilot as chief minister in any case. The reason is a sample. It is the traditional rivalry between two leaders for a power struggle. High personal ambition makes a person reach any level to reach the aim. What happened with Rajesh Pilot is again with Sachin Pilots. History repeats in Rajasthan.

On the night of Sunday, the Gehlot camps 90 MLA does not attend the party meeting to rebel against Sachin Pilot. Congress leadership wants to assign a new CM in Rajasthan as Rahul Gandhi cleared Gehlot for one man, one post principle. Everyone Knows Ashok Gehlot is the future Congress National President. Some people expect Sachin Pilot as CM of Rajasthan. Congress’s high command also thought about the same.

Sachin Pilot becomes Deputy CM. It is expected that Sachin Pilot can be sworn in as Chief Minister, but oven night, things change drastically. For hurdle in party politics and power struggle, 90 MLA do not Sachin Pilot to implement their interest. It is a known fact that Sachin Pilot has made a significant contribution to winning the last Rajasthan assembly election. But Ashok Gehlot, a senior leader closest to the Gandhi family, gets a chance to represent Rajasthan. The high command may be thought that Ashok Gehlot’s long experience would help the party to sustain itself in Rajasthan.

Last year’s brawl between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin pilot became at the next level. Ashok Gehlot successfully retained power in Rajasthan, but things have changed now.2024 loksabha elections are nearby. Also, for Congress to retain Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh is essential for party survival. Rahul Gandhi is doing Bharat Jodo Yatra in the south, and another side, Congress prominent leaders, is rebelling against the party. I don’t think there is any chance for Congress in 2024. Still, it is an excellent opportunity for the party to understand internal party rivalry, and it is a crucial period for Congress to cure disease from within. Even if Congress is not winning 2024, Congress has to wait for more significant gains in the future. The current period will help Congress reshape the party structure again and take action on such rebel or opportunistic leaders.

It is time for Congress for the party reforms to make provisions for the next 50 years.PM Modi and HM Amit Shah are known for their solid political strategies. Now BJP also wants that Congress should reach out aggressively against BJP. By sympathizing with national issues, they want to ignore main issues like employment and development.

In a democracy, violence is unacceptable, so Congress should not indulge in such a situation. Instead, Congress party workers need to think about reviving the party. Rather than reacting on social media, congress workers should indulge in booth-level management.

When an established government, unlimited power end in the destruction of entire politics. The party destroys when the party acts against people’s deeds. It becomes a limitation for the party expansion agenda. But in the case of trading MLA’s do not endorse party expansion.

Congress has to reboot its entire party process. At the same time, it is important to see if Congress’s bigger enemies are some Congress insiders or BJP ruling party. The Party president told K.C.Venu Gopal, to resolve the Rajasthan issue. Still, as per many media reports and sources, Gehlot clearly said the ‘situation is out of my reach.”

Congress leadership is upset about internal rivalry in Rajasthan Congress. It is an anguish movement for any Congress loyalist in this movement.90’s rebel MLA is not a sudden incident. It is well-planned activity while considering the upcoming Congress Presidential election.

Recently while talking to the media, Gehlot did not respond when a reporter asked about Sachin Pilot. It is a clear indicator of what is going in inside the party.

This opinion article written by Mohit Soman, Senior Journalist  Prittle Prattle News.
(The opinion expressed in the article are personal )
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