MedPay: Connected Care Network of 57,000+ OPDs helping over 1 lakh patients with cashless transactions

New Delhi/ Bengaluru, In India, OPD comprises more than 70% of total healthcare delivery but the space is highly unorganized and is not a part of the digital ecosystem.

Understanding this challenge and combining healthcare, AI and insurance expertise, MedPay is providing seamless digital transactions to 57,000+ OPD health centers through its largest connected care network of healthcare providers in a hyperlocal model.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, it is working with standalone clinics, pharmacies and diagnostics, enabling them to digitally transact with neighbourhood customers. It is also making clinics and pharmacies to become a part of the digital ecosystem to help patients avail cashless OPD services near them. With presence across 500+ cities, it has benefitted over 1 lakh patients within a year, generating revenues worth Rs 46 crores.

“The unorganized nature of healthcare providers in India makes it difficult to innovate and offer tech-enabled services. Through building a connected care network, we are enabling our partners to access a large network of physical OPD centers using technology, thus benefiting everyone in the ecosystem. Additionally, due to the pandemic, many of the corporate employees have moved to tier 2 and 3 cities from metro locations and healthcare companies are still able to offer seamless OPD services to their users using our network,” said Mr. Ravi Chandra, CEO, MedPay.

The company operates a 2-sided marketplace, enabling OPD centers to be part of the digital ecosystem on one side and partners such as insurance and B2C companies on the other. The partners can access the organized OPD for various hyperlocal services. It has built an API layer on top of its connected care network and using these APIs, they can access the network for service fulfilments. For instance, insurance companies can use MedPay APIs to offer a large OPD network to the insured for cashless services. It is aggregating the demand from various partners and utilizing this network for service fulfilments, thus creating more value to the standalone centers.

About MedPay

Medpay is a technology company building an AI-powered platform that connects healthcare service providers like Doctors, Pharmacies, and Diagnostic centers to insurers. In short, it provides cashless OPD service to customers through Medpay. Their network is called MedPay Connected Care Network (CCN). MedPay Connected Care Network is spread through 500+ cities in India. Unlike other E-Commerce Platforms, MedPay works with stand-alone Clinics, Pharmacies, and Diagnostics enabling them to digitally transact with neighbourhood customers. It has processed an OPD Total payment volume of USD 3 million+ in one year.

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