J-Hope’s flawless avatar in a purple velvet jumpsuit made ARMY fangirls SCREAM!

BTS: In 2020, one of the band’s fashion moments was J-Hope wearing a gorgeous purple velvet outfit. He was compared to the pop icon Prince.

J-Hope is well-known for his impeccable dancing abilities. They gave a performance on Dynamite at the MMA 2020, paying tribute to Michael Jackson. J-Hope was the show’s star. But it was Hoseok’s royal purple velvet jumpsuit that drew the ARMY’s attention. He looked stunning, and the compliments poured in on social media. In real life, he adores Snoopy and his sense of style.

During the pandemic, BTS’s performance at MMA 2020 provided fans with some comfort. The sight of J-Hope in a purple velvet jumpsuit, on the other hand, shocked everyone. On him, the stylist decided to go with a royal colour. He didn’t wear an undershirt, exposing his chest to the world. You can envision the scenario.

J-shoes Hope’s and accessories for the performance were from Gucci. He wore a necklace with a star locket and a few rings. In general, he favours high-end streetwear brands such as Supreme, Yeezy, and Off-White. People couldn’t believe it when I wore purple, but it was very sexy!

The sight of J-Hope in a purple jumpsuit caused the hashtags #Hobi, #JHope, and #Hoseok to trend on Twitter at the same time. The ARMY fan girls were definitely taken aback by the glossy avatar. Many others were taken aback by the fact that his attractive jumpsuit revealed his bare chest.
The Melon Music Awards are one of South Korea’s most prestigious local music competitions. The band sang Black Swan, Life Goes On, and Dynamite. With their spectacular dance, they paid homage to Michael Jackson. J-Hope, the greatest dancer of the bunch, stole the show.

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