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Prittle Prattle News lays a pathway of platform for new music services with official albums, singles, videos, remixes, live performances, and Music channels to showcase their talent in today’s top talent, featured artists, and playlists.

PP News understands that if the sounds grab our attention, the stories/articles keep it; PP News ensures that the songs create fans, and the pieces create super fans through our Press Releases. Prittle Prattle News believes that song stories come in all shapes and sizes and, more importantly, that they all belong in the same zone – connected by genre and decade-spanning similarities.

Prittle Prattle News publishes your song stories which are in the archive. We work tirelessly to advance and grow your account. PP News gets creative and has a fine experience: documentary-style, selfie-style, animated, slideshow, VR – yet another form of artistic expression.

Prittle Prattle News seeks to discover, engage with, and support the artists who make the world go round. Artists, Songwriters, label executives, A&R, composers, music supervisors, filmmakers, and archivists have witnessed the power of a good story firsthand.

Today’s Prittle Prattle News topic is Prittle Prattle News is working with like-minded partners to aggregate the stories behind songs and document the artist’s perspective – always first-person, artist-told. We are re-igniting a storytelling culture that will propel the music to new heights.

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