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World’s Most Quiet Locations 2022!

World's While some people thrive in crowds and social contact, others thrive in isolation and serenity.

by Prittle Prattle Team

World’s While some people thrive in crowds and social contact, others thrive in isolation and serenity.

Building 87 – Microsoft designed the world’s quietest room. Its anechoic chambers may be seen on its campus in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft’s Audio Lab team utilizes the echo-free sections to test Cortana, the digital personal assistant, as well as its Surface tablets. 

Orfield Laboratories – World’s Orfield Laboratories, acoustics and architectural testing facility in Minnesota, is on the list. The Orfield Laboratories’ anechoic chamber is made of double-walled steel and foot-thick concrete. It also features two vault-style doors. The noise level in this room may decrease to -9 dB, with no noises from your surroundings ever being heard. Visitors are usually not allowed to stay in this chamber for longer than 20 minutes. The anechoic room is a test facility used by product makers to determine the volume of any components. 

Kelso Dunes – Kelso Dune Field is the most significant region of aeolian sand deposits in the Mojave Desert of the United States. Because of the views and challenging environment, Kelso Dunes provides a peaceful atmosphere with no automobiles, aircraft, or wildlife. 

Olympic National park – Are you looking for a peaceful national park? Visit the Olympic National Park in Washington, D.C. It is one of America’s few remaining wilderness regions that is not traversed by roads. It also boasts the largest coniferous forest in the United States.

Zurich – According to the Worldwide Hearing Index, Zurich, Switzerland, has the lowest recorded noise pollution, while Guangzhou, China, has the worst recorded noise pollution.
Landmannalaugar – The Landmannalaugar is located at the northern terminus of Iceland’s Laugavegur hiking path. It is a calm, open route that is well-known among travelers. 
Makgadikgadi Pans – The Makgadikgadi Pans are located in the heart of northeast Botswana’s arid desert. It is the world’s most giant salt pan, encompassing 3,900 square kilometers. During the dry season, there is relatively little wildlife. However, during the wet season, animals are abundant, making it an ideal time for visitors to participate in safari activities. Therefore this location was placed on the list. 

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