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Will monsoon affect coronavirus?

coronavirus: duration of illness endurance in the atmosphere, as well as its transmission."

Since coronavirus discovering a new coronavirus, there has been on-again, off-again discussion about how the virus will respond to changing weather conditions.

Many world leaders coronavirus and a few members of the scientific community had previously placed their expectations in the summer months. In the hot and humid environment, viruses had a lower chance of surviving and spreading, which gave some hope.

Dr. Prabhakar, who is currently the Associate Dean and Professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, told The Weather Channel that “respiratory virus infections usually drop dramatically in warmer temperatures because all reduce the duration of illness endurance in the atmosphere, as well as its transmission.”

“However, new information suggests that COVID-19 infection isn’t waning. Even in India, hopes of a novel coronavirus vanishing over the sweltering summer months of April and May—among the hottest on the planet—faded as the numbers continued to rise. Because from June 16, the number of cases has been increased to 3.43 lakh, making India the world’s fourth-worst-affected country. Seasonal changes, human behavioral patterns, and virus features all have a role in transmitting any viral illness.

COVID-19 is a respiratory infection with symptoms similar to influenza flu, and seasonal flu cases are said to rise during the monsoon season.

Influenza and SARS diseases rise in lower temperatures and humidity, according to specific prior study investigations. Despite general knowledge that temperature and humidity affect the virus SARS-CoV-2, there is no definitive information on the extent to which weather elements affect the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

One thing is clear: various factors influence the news of this deadly virus, and weather conditions alone cannot stop or accelerate the spread.

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