Web3 Leader droppTV Announces Winners of “Keep it in the Culture” Campaign for Black-owned Businesses

droppTV, a leading operating system for Web3, today announced the winners for their “Keep it in the Culture” campaign recognizing and supporting Black entrepreneurs.

droppTV partnered with DJ Duffey (Latosha Duffey), a DJ, influencer, and cast member in the show Basketball Wives, to help Black-owned businesses navigate Web3.

Following the launch of the “Keep it in the Culture” campaign during Black History and Black Future Month, droppTV received several hundred nominations of Black-owned businesses. After a thorough screening process, droppTV selected 15 winners, handpicking brands with notable individuals, products with compelling messages and personal stories that stood out.

These businesses will be included on droppTV’s innovative shopatainment platform that will make their products shoppable seamlessly in streaming video. Over the next three weeks, each business will also be featured on a dedicated billboard in Times Square.

“We are extremely proud to partner with these superb Black-owned businesses and assist them in scaling and growing their business. In particular, we are focused on helping the businesses leverage the momentum of Web3 elements such as Crypto, NFTs, shopatainment and the metaverse. Being early and being educated on how these elements can help extend businesses is our key objective,” said Gurps Rai, droppTV’s CEO and co-founder.

“Their “Keep it in the Culture” initiative showcases the stories, dreams and aspirations of Black entrepreneurs, something that is very close to my heart,” said DJ Duffey.

“I am thrilled to have participated in this initiative and to be selected as a winner. droppTV’s innovative technology is a game-changer that will help my business and others succeed in this ever-changing marketplace,” said Asia Purnell, owner of Griselle, and a “Keep it in the Culture” Winner.

“I’m excited to share such an innovative, immersive platform with amazing talented artists and entrepreneurs. droppTV is truly dedicated to the culture and our communities. We are grateful to be aligned with a platform that provides an opportunity to showcase our art and create new shopping experiences for our audience,” said Manny Jackson, owner of Thread Haus, and a Keep it in the Culture winner.

About droppTV

droppTV is the industry-leading operating system for “shopatainment,” which brings together video streaming, mixed reality and experiential commerce – all powered by its Web3 marketplace.

droppTV’s ground-breaking, proprietary technology connects consumers, creators and brands through an interoperable ecosystem. This innovative network allows for streamlined experiential commerce between the physical and digital worlds.

The Operating System’s frictionless user journey delivers a tremendous monetization model for creators and publishers. It also enables brands to achieve enhanced affinity, increased conversions and granular attribution for data. In addition, droppTV offers unique comprehensive experiential NFT and social token capabilities, empowering partners and consumers to generate even greater value in Web3.

About droppLabs
droppLabs is an all-encompassing technology consulting, marketing, and full-service development agency with a Web3 focus.
The dropp360º approach aims to transform businesses to align with the new Web3 digital landscape. From initial concept ideation, to front-end and back-end programming, to continuing community development and support, droppLabs covers every and any aspect of an organization’s journey into Web3.
droppLabs has developed multiple proprietary patented innovations in Ai/ML object recognition, streaming, AR, MR, VR and crypto.
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