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WaterScience: The science of good water

WaterScience is India’s leading water purification company in the non-drinking space.

Making non-drinking water healthy – 97% of the water we use is not for drinking! Filtered water is the norm for drinking and cooking, but protection for hair and skin has been largely ignored. WaterScience develops Shower Filters, Tap Filters, washing machine filters, kitchen tap filters and filters for the whole house.

WaterScience is the first and only company now in India focusing on the non-drinking water filtration space. The products are Made in India and made for the Indian water conditions. Being the only player in the market for a few years has given us a better market and customer understanding that is invaluable. They also have a range of products right from a simple sediment filter for the kitchen tap, to a system for the whole house.

Chlorine and hardness are the leading causes of hair fall, skin dryness and other dermatological issues. We try using hair and skincare products for our issues, but how can they help when the problem is the water itself?

The solution is to remove chlorine and condition hardness from the water- and that’s what the Shower and Tap Filters from WaterScience do- giving clean healthy water for improved hair and skin!
  • The Filters are designed with a unique 4 layer system
  • Micro-sieve layer which removes suspended impurities
  • Hardness conditioning layer which reduces the effects of hard water salts
  • Chlorine removal layer which filters up to 90% chlorine using patented KDF technology
  • Nano-silver carbon layer which eliminates bad odour and prevents bacteria in the cartridge

Their product range includes:

  • CLEO Shower and Tap Filter
  • CLEO Multiflow Shower Filter
  • CLEO Aromatherapy Shower Filter
  • CLEO Rain Shower Filter
  • FLO Kitchen Tap Filter
  • AERA Water Saving Nozzle
  • IRIS Washing Machine Filter
  • RIO Main Line Filter

This news was shared to Prittle Prattle News via press release.

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