Union Bank of India launches Union Prerna 2.0 – EmpowerHim

Union Bank of India today launched an Industry-first, dedicated, men-focused Committee, ‘EmpowerHim,’ as part of its flagship HR initiative ‘Prerna.’ The program aims to promote the employees’ career trajectory and improve diversity in the Bank by picking out and resolving individual as well as common existing challenges.

This Committee will complement the women-focused; EmpowerHer Committee launched by the Bank earlier in July 2022.

Union Prerna is the HR Transformation initiative of Union Bank of India, aimed at improving productivity through the digitalization of processes, employee-centric interventions, and a learning revolution within the Banking space.

Launched by Ms. A Manimekhalai, MD&CEO, Union Bank of India, the event was attended by Senior Management with more than 60 EmpowerHim Committee members across the country. The day-long event was also graced by Mr. Rajneesh Karnatak, Executive Director, Mr. Lal Singh, Chief General Manager (HR), and Mr. G N Das, General Manager (HR).

At the launch event, Ms. A Manimekhalai spoke about the importance of having such dedicated Committees to promote and counsel the career growth of each and every one. She motivated and encouraged Committee members to think of ways that could further grow their employer brand in the Industry and help improve diversity across all roles. She quoted personal instances to inspire the members to serve as a wave of positive change that sweeps across the Bank. She urged members to make this a launch pad that will usher in greater inclusion and build future leaders.

The event also witnessed well-known Leaders and Speakers from across the Industry. Mr. Harish Sadani – Co-Founder & Exec. Director, Men Against Violence & Abuse, Dr. Saurabh Patil – CCE Certified Life and Executive Coach, and Ms. Ranu Khandelwal –Behavioral trainer and former CEO – Global Image Consulting provided direction and counseling to Committee members for greater success. The goals of the Committee should be to understand local problems, highlight the importance of gender equity, and focus on sensitization at work. They urged Committee members that as representatives of more than 70% of the male workforce at the Bank, the Committee must focus on showcasing existing pain points effectively and build a consensus-based, effective solution to achieve the program’s objective.

About EmpowerHim:

A first in the Industry, “EmpowerHim,” is Union Bank’s career-focused Committee aimed at tackling all issues at the grass-root level. With an aim to provide a comfortable platform for everyone to freely express their concerns and needs, the Committee aims to counsel employees, encourage active participation in leadership roles and improve Business performance and individual productivity.

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