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Exchange capitalization is the entire market worth of a company’s outstanding shares of stock

Exchange capitalization is the entire market worth of a company’s outstanding shares of stock. Market capitalization is computed by multiplying the total number of outstanding shares of a firm by the current market price of one share. The market capitalization of a firm is an essential metric for determining its size. Because a company’s size is a crucial aspect of a firm that attracts investors, a company’s market cap is computed regularly and statistically compared to those of other companies of similar size.

1. Reliance Industries –  Reliance Industries has the most significant market worth among Indian companies, with a market cap of 1,350,183.97. The international corporation is based in Mumbai and operates in various industries, including textiles, telecommunications, retail, natural resources, and petrochemicals.

2. TATA Consultancy Services – Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the second-largest company in India, with a market capitalization of 1,163,018.74 crores. TCS is a Mumbai-based IT services, business solutions, and consulting corporation. It is a global leader in the IT services industry. 

3. HDFC Bank – With a market capitalization of 828,341.24 crores, HDFC Bank ranks third among Indian financial and banking services corporations. HDFC Bank, founded in 1994, was the first bank in India to be authorized by the Reserve Bank of India to provide private-sector financial services. 

4. Infosys – At the moment, Infosys is valued at 598,604.10 crores in terms of market capitalization, placing it sixth among the top ten Indian corporations. Infosys, founded in 1981, is a global leader in the IT services sector. 

5. Hindustan Unilever – Hindustan Unilever has a market valuation of 545,762.50 crores, placing it fourth among the top ten Indian corporations in market capitalization. The company has a strong history of over 80 years and is a leader in India’s fast-moving consumer products firm. According to the company’s website, nine out of ten Indian households utilize the company’s products on any given day.

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