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Making it difficult to narrow down your choice of the finest horror movies

There have been more high-quality horror films released in recent years than you can shout “boo!” at, making it difficult to narrow down your choice of the finest horror movies. And, of course, there are all the old classic horrors to cope with — to put it simply, it’s a daunting endeavour. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. We’ve done the legwork and compiled this list of the greatest 30 horror films of all time (in our humble opinion).

  1. Let Me In – A coming-of-age story that is surprisingly and disorientingly lovely despite the fact that something terrible and/or violent is going on. Yes, it is extremely similar to the previous film version of the same storey, but that is irrelevant when the end result is this wonderful. When paired with the slow tempo and superb actors who communicate volumes in the stillness between their lines, the gorgeous visual palette and languid sweeping camera movement create a dreamy, occasionally nightmarish atmosphere.
  2. The Woman in Black – In the greatest Gothic haunted house tradition, a rich Gothic haunted mansion tale. This wonderfully crafted, haunting storey was Hammer Films’ best revival entry by far. Few horror films commit to this amount of setup and presence, allowing suspense and dread to build while we linger in each scene and place. This is one of two films on the list that harken back to the classic haunted house flicks of the 1960s and 1970s.
  3. Troll Hunter – “Troll!!” Satirical without being a comedy, packed with fantastic visual effects on a limited budget, and simply incredibly enjoyable. It’s a large monster movie with enough creepiness and carnage to qualify as “horror” for our list, but it also has fantastic mythology and fantasy aspects, and the false documentary angle, which is otherwise overdone in the genre, never gets old here.
  4. Cabin in the Woods – This film is one of my personal favourites among current horror films since it contains samples of just about every type of horror filmmaking you can think of. If the preceding item brought some bloody good gore to this list, then bring out your mop for this one, since the monsters never stop once they start. It’s as funny as it is nasty, as disgusting as it is entertaining, and it manages to be both a massive tribute and something totally new at the same time. 

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