“Tiger Being” – Travelling Tigers Made in Hong Kong

Asia’s First Travel and Life Experience Nft Membership

HONG KONG, Despite numerous travel restrictions around the globe, the world is still hungry for travel. TIGER BEING – created by an energetic team with diversified backgrounds in Hong Kong for people who love travel and life-enriching experiences – is the first decentralized private club membership NFT in Asia. Through the collaborations with hotels, airlines, private yachts, and other partners, members can participate in a series of exclusive experiences with their “NFT pass”, blending virtual and reality worlds, and share the joy of travelling without any restrictions.

Member Benefits with “Travel Allowance”

TIGER BEING is a collection of 4,096 NFTs – a unique digital collectibles on the SOLANA blockchain. Pre-sale is expected to take place on March 31, with public minting to commence in April. Listing will be available thereafter on secondary NFT markets including Magic Eden and Artemis. TIGER BEING is a decentralized private members’ club – holders will become a member automatically with each TIGER BEING NFT serving as a potential admission ticket for various exclusive experiences, which includes but not limited to:

Rooms in Hong Kong’s top hotels exclusively reserved for members on a long-term basis, allowing members to enjoy a premium accommodation experience;Private sailing experience, allowing members to enjoy boundless freedom under the guidance of a professional coach; andTravel-themed private feast, allowing members to explore characteristic cuisines from different cultures.

TIGER BEING also empowers members to explore various possibilities in life by a ‘participate to earn’ model. TIGER BEING promises to provide different benefits in the future, including the rebate of royalties as “travel allowance” to support members to continue to pursue their dreams after the pandemic eases. Further, TIGER BEING also comes in different levels of rarity. Holders can combine NFTs of different rarities to upgrade their membership and be eligible for upper-tier benefits.
Building the Travel Plaza on Metaverse
TIGER BEING aspires to rekindle everyone’s passion for travel and is building a Discord community with those who are passionate about traveling. Members are encouraged to exchange their travelling and life-enriching experiences with each other and connect with travel KOLs and YouTubers who will share travel hacks and tips with the community. TIGER BEING is also committed to growing the TIGER BEING project, with airdrop prizes, games, and more exciting features to follow. The aim is to build a travel plaza without borders in the metaverse and become a communication platform for anyone in the world who loves traveling and life-enriching experiences.
Preserve Cultural Values on Blockchain Permanently
In addition to striving for member benefits and building the community, the team also place great importance in world cultures and values through the designs of TIGER BEING NFTs. People will find natural wonders, world attractions, cultural heritage, regional culture or tradition on each unique TIGER BEING NFT. Experience the northern lights, cherry blossoms, sky lanterns, hot air balloons, wildlife conservation areas, or the Great Sphinx with the TIGER BEING NFT. We hope this helps preserve human civilization permanently on blockchain.

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