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Former Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev at IMPROVATE Homeland Security and Cyber Conference: “EU wants cooperation with Israel on Homeland Security”

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 6, 2021 Israel’s success as a leading country in producing groundbreaking Homeland Security and Cyber technologies is down to its ecosystem and mechanisms of cooperation, and the EU wishes to learn from Israel, former Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev said at the IMPROVATE Homeland Security and Cyber Conference.

“The magic word for Israeli success is an ecosystem – you have everyone in a network of cooperation, between government and private industry, between big companies and startups, and that ecosystem brings amazing results. What we heard today is that there is no way to solve all our pressing issues unless we cooperate, and the European Union is open to cooperation,” Plevneliev said.

The conference was attended by global experts, government officials, and leading Israeli technology companies, with participants discussing multiple threat scenarios and presenting technological solutions to counter them.

Representatives from several countries including Bulgaria, Greece and Romania took part in the conference.

Former world chess champion and leading artificial intelligence expert Garry Kasparov, the keynote speaker at the conference, and a member of the IMPROVATE advisory board, said: “It is the responsibility of the free world to make sure technology works for us not against us. We have to be one step ahead of those using AI in a malicious way.”
David Rokach, Managing Partner at SOSA HLS Tech Innovation Hub, described Israel as “unfortunately the best operational lab in the world.”

Rokach said Israel has “a unique solution for every kind of attack that we are suffering here.”

IMPROVATE Co-founder and CEO Ronit Hasin-Hochman said the conference showed how Israel was both an innovation lab and testing ground for cutting edge HLS and cyber solutions. “Israeli HLS and cyber companies are highly sought after throughout the world, and IMPROVATE can help them reach new markets.”

Dan Brahmy, CEO and Co-founder of Cyabra, a pioneering startup in the field of Truth-Tech. said: “Cyabra creates a filtering mechanism both for the enterprise sector, brands and financial services companies, and the public sector and homeland security agencies. We create an authenticity lens for those organizations to better understand what is out there without any interruptions or bad or fake authors involved.

David Fagelston, VP International Sales of AccuBeat, a leading manufacturer of highly accurate frequency and timing solutions used in Defense, Home Land Security, Critical Infrastructures, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Space Exploration and many other industries, said: “We have a patented plug and play solution that protects timing networks and doesn’t require replacement of legacy equipment.”

Pini Huber, SVP Global Sales at Terafence, which changes the “rules of the game” by connecting IoT / IIoT to the Internet/cloud with security military grade level at the simplest and most cost-effective way, said: “Critical infrastructure is an issue of major concern with thousands of attempts against it. We are now targeting Industry 4.0, smart factories, which by definition have to be monitored online all the time in order to send information to the secure cloud.”

Prof. Dror Fixler, CEO of FirstPoint Mobile Guard, which seamlessly and unobtrusively secures any mobile, IoT, or IIoT device anywhere against cellular-network specific attacks, said: “We can protect all cellular devices independent of their operational systems with the most powerful solution that exists today and for enterprises we provide CSOs with a sophisticated dashboard to provide full control for the entire organization.”

Shahar Gal, CEO of General Robotics, which develops and provides advanced robotics systems for special forces, said: “Special forces often lack situational awareness – understanding what’s happening within the danger zone so we decided to focus on that – to bring them situational awareness information that is often not available before forces engage.”

Roy Shmuel, CEO of Sightec, a computer vision & AI startup company that develops real-time vision software for autonomous flights, said: “Drones and autonomous missions provide an eye in the sky that enables actionable insights on the scene and can help in security, first responder and civilian missions. By bringing advanced machine vision for autonomous flights Sightec creates vast opportunities both in the delivery market and in HLS.”

Lior Peltz, CTO of E.M.G Electronic Management Group, which specializes in consulting, planning, supervision and integration of a wide range of Extra Low Voltage systems and OT systems cyber protection for large and complex projects for customers in Israel and abroad, said: EMG is a consultant engineering group. We do not represent a product, but the client and have built up a multidisciplinary team with experts in industrial control systems, security systems and cyber security systems. Together we build a holistic and comprehensive solution that fits the client. Our strategic advantage is that we know how to create a tailor-made solution for the client and for the project.”

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